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10 Lessons The Golden Bachelorette Needs To Learn From The Golden Bachelor

The Golden Bachelorette will premiere soon, and there are many lessons that it can learn from The Golden Bachelor, which was a huge success for ABC for many reasons. The Golden Bachelor starred 72-year-old retired restaurateur Gerry Turner, a widower who was searching for the second great love of his life. He found her in Theresa Nist, a 70-year-old financial services professional, who’d lost her husband. At the end of the season, Gerry proposed to Theresa and she said yes.

10 Lessons The Golden Bachelorette Needs To Learn From The Golden Bachelor

Gerry’s proposal wasn’t the end of his and Theresa’s Golden Bachelor journey. They got married in a live, televised event on January 4, 2024, called The Golden Wedding. However, Gerry and Theresa’s love story wasn’t the only reason why everyone loved The Golden Bachelor so much. Since they debuted on the show, The Golden Bachelor women have become some of the most beloved people in all of Bachelor Nation. The Golden Bachelor did almost everything right, and The Golden Bachelorette should follow in its footsteps.

1The Golden Bachelorette Should Cast A Lead Who Truly Wants Marriage

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner Married Theresa Nist A Few Months After Filming

One of the reasons that The Golden Bachelor was so successful was because Gerry was very serious about finding not just a girlfriend, but a wifeThe Golden Bachelorette should cast a lead who wants to be married in the near future. This makes the proposal much more real, and not just an empty gesture. Gerry was very intentional about finding his future wife among his 22 contestants, which helped him to narrow them down because he eliminated the women with whom he couldn’t see that future.

If The Golden Bachelorette lead isn’t truly looking for a husband, then she shouldn’t be cast on the show. Gerry and Theresa’s wedding was the icing on the cake of a beautiful season, and made the show feel much more real. It might seem obvious that the lead of a show about finding a spouse should want to be married, but too many Bachelor Nation relationships have failed because that turned out not to be the case.

2The Golden Bachelorette Needs Lovable Contestants

The Golden Bachelor Women Are Now Fan Favorites

The Golden Bachelor introduced the world to some of the most lovable contestants to ever appear on a Bachelor franchise show. Gerry had a group of 22 incredible women from whom to choose. From the lively and lovely Leslie Fhima to the sweet and soft-spoken Faith Martin, the finalists stole everyone’s hearts. Also, the ASKN ladies–April Kirkwood, Susan Noles, Kathy Swarts, and Nancy Hulkower–have had some hilarious moments both on-screen and off-screen on social media.

In addition to these standouts, there were other fan favorites such as Ellen Goltzer, Sandra Mason, Joan Vassos, Edith Aguirre, Natascha Hardee, and Marina Perera, among others, who made every episode special. It was so satisfying to know that no matter who Gerry chose, he’d have a happy life with a wonderful woman. While villains can be entertaining, they’re also stressful and hard to watch at times. The Golden Bachelorette must cast quality men with good hearts in order for it to be as successful as The Golden Bachelor.


The Golden Bachelor Runner-Up Leslie Fhima Should Be The Golden Bachelorette

Leslie Fhima was Gerry Turner’s runner-up on The Golden Bachelor. This charismatic and kind woman should be the first Golden Bachelorette.

3The Golden Bachelorette Cast Should Be Diverse

The Golden Bachelor Had A Mix Of Different Types Of People

The Bachelor franchise has been heavily criticized in the past for its lack of diversity. Although it’s made some efforts to change this in recent years, it still has a long way to go. However, The Golden Bachelor had a mix of women from different races, ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and body types, which was refreshing to see onscreen. There was even a large age range of the contestants from 60–75 years old.

The Golden Bachelorette should continue with this diverse casting in order to represent various types of people in the show. While this doesn’t mean that the series should fill a quota or mark a checklist, what it does mean is that the lead will have a varied selection of people from whom to choose her potential husband. There shouldn’t be cookie-cutter versions of the same man 22 times over, but rather a true reflection of what the world looks like in 2024.

4The Golden Bachelorette Should Steer Clear Of Drama

The Golden Bachelor Focused On Love Stories

One of the most refreshing aspects of The Golden Bachelor was the maturity that the older women brought to the show. There was almost no drama, except for the short-lived conflict between Kathy and Theresa. Kathy infamously told Theresa to “Zip it!” when she thought that Theresa was boasting to her about her relationship with Gerry. Although the two women had a bit of an argument about it that even involved Gerry, it eventually evolved into a joke, and they’re now good friends. “Zip it!” has even become a new, funny catchphrase for the franchise.

Because there was minimal drama, The Golden Bachelor instead focused on the love stories between Gerry and the women. The Golden Bachelorette should continue to keep the focus on the love stories. It makes the proposal at the end feel much more real because viewers are able to to see the relationship evolve. When the show highlights the drama among contestants who don’t make it to the end with the lead anyway, fans end up getting to know the villains better than the person that the lead loves.

5The Golden Bachelorette Needs Humor

The Golden Bachelor Aired Some Very Funny Moments

Something that made The Golden Bachelor so successful was that it was so much fun to watch. Many of the women were truly hilarious, which made the show entertaining and a pleasure. From the mystery of what caused the women’s gas–Susan’s meatballs or Edith’s guacamole–to Gerry’s infectious laugh, the show had many funny moments.

The Golden Bachelor dealt with some very serious subject matters, including the deaths of spouses and divorce. It would’ve been easy for it to become a very heavy show. However, it had the perfect balance of tragedy and comedy. The Golden Bachelorette should follow suit, and give viewers something to laugh about during each episode. Including the funny moments throughout the season, rather than just in a blooper reel at the end, will give the show a more lighthearted feel.

6The Golden Bachelorette Should Have Simple Dates

The Golden Bachelor Allowed Gerry To Get To Know The Women

Some Bachelor franchise dates challenge the lead and the contestants with adventurous activities that they’d never usually do in real life. From rappelling to zip-lining, the shows have incorporated some thrilling moments. However, Gerry’s first one-on-one date of the season was simple and took place at a diner, where he and Theresa were able to have a normal conversation during which they bonded about the losses of their spouses. They later danced with a flash mob to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’,” which became the theme of their relationship.

This simple date allowed Gerry to get to know Theresa under normal circumstances that could’ve happened in real life. From shopping with Ellen to spending time on a yacht with Faith, the one-on-one dates allowed Gerry to have intimate conversations with the women. Group dates included a pickleball competition and a trip to an amusement park, both of which were everyday activities as well. Although some of the dates involved more daring activities, such as ATV-riding with Leslie, Gerry was always able to spend quality time with the women. The Golden Bachelorette should continue this pattern, so that the lead can really get to know the men.

7The Golden Bachelorette Should Only Have Three Hometown Dates

Gerry Met Three Of The Women’s Families

During The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the lead meets the families of the final four contestants, which seems a bit much. At that point in the season, with an engagement so close, it seems unnecessary for the lead to meet four families in order to make a decision. With 22 contestants at the start, a smaller number than a traditional Bachelor season, Gerry only met three of the women’s families, (Theresa, Leslie, and Faith), which made more sense. A fourth hometown date would’ve felt excessive.

The Golden Bachelorette should also only meet three of the families. It’s a different dynamic on the show because the lead is meeting children and grandchildren rather than parents. There’s no need to involve the emotions of the families if the lead is sure that she’s not going to choose that man in the end. Narrowing down the group to two men, and meeting only their families could be another option for The Golden Bachelorette.

8The Golden Bachelorette Should Include Bachelor Nation Alumni

Many Bachelor Nation Favorites Appeared In The Golden Bachelor

The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry was unknown to Bachelor Nation, so the show brought some familiarity by including franchise alumni throughout the season in order to make things more comfortable for viewers while they got to know Gerry. Trista Sutter (The Bachelorette season 1), Kaitlyn Bristowe (The Bachelorette season 11), and Joey Graziadei, who was about to star in The Bachelor season 28 after being the runner-up on Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette season, all made appearances during The Golden Bachelor.

Fan favorites bring a comfort level to the show that The Golden Bachelorette should include as well. It’s also always fun to see how the different generations interact with each other, including the lead and The Bachelor season 5 star and host Jesse Palmer. If one of Gerry’s contestants is chosen to be the star of The Golden Bachelorette, it seems inevitable that he and Theresa, as well as the other Golden women, will make appearances during the season. Fans will expect it and look forward to it.

9The Golden Bachelorette Should Only Be An Hour Long

The Golden Bachelor Made The Most Of Its Shorter Episodes

While every episode of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise is two hours long, The Golden Bachelor was only one hour. While this forced the producers to cram a lot of footage into a short amount of time, it also prevented the show from becoming boring by including filler material. Two-hour-long episodes can sometimes feel endless, but The Golden Bachelor left viewers wanting more after every episode. This is always a good thing for any television show.

While the success of The Golden Bachelor will possibly mean that the producers will expand The Golden Bachelorette to two-hour episodes, this would be a mistake. Shorter episodes mean that every moment is valuable, which makes the show more meaningful. The episodes feel fast-paced and interesting, rather than drawn-out and boring. The Golden Bachelorette should stick to the one-hour format.

10The Golden Bachelorette Should Spread Positivity

The Golden Bachelor Was So Inspiring

The Golden Bachelor was an inspiring show that proved that people of any age can and should find love if they want to. It was a feel-good show that left smiles on viewers’ faces after every episode. Because there was minimal drama among the women, viewers were able to focus on the happiness and love that Gerry and the contestants were feeling. It was also very emotional, but, as Gerry and Theresa spoke about on their first date, there was hope.

The Golden Bachelorette should continue to be a show that spreads positivity. The Golden Bachelor women have spoken about how much they learned to love themselves as they went through the experience of the show, and the same should be true of the men who participate in The Golden Bachelorette. The show should continue to create positive experiences for everyone, which then spreads to the viewers. In a world that too often focuses on negavity, The Golden Bachelorette can be a little gem of positivity to which people can escape every week and in which they can find hope.

The Golden Bachelor was a big success for ABC, and now The Golden Bachelorette producers should continue to apply what worked well with it to the spin-off. If they follow the formula of TheGolden Bachelor, they’ll have another massive hit on their hands. The Golden Bachelorette has the potential to be the best reality television show of all-time.

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