$35 Million Rich Steve Kerr Mimics Michael Jordan to Rescue Warriors After Hornets Brawl

In the post-game presser of the Hornets vs Warriors game tonight, Brandin Podziemski revealed the charitable side of Steve Kerr. Towards the end of the game, there was a scuffle involving Lester Quinones, Grant Williams, and Miles Bridges. With 10.9 seconds left on the clock, Quinones drove to the basket and Bridges was called for goaltending.

This didn’t sit well with Williams, who immediately started a heated argument. It soon turned into a scuffle from which players had to be held back. Lester and Grant were ejected while Bridges got a technical. But since tonight also marked Kerr’s shiny new contract, he offered to cover the fines, as per Podz.

A similar situation arose in a 1988 game between the Bulls and Pistons. Known widely for their heavy physical play, landing them the name “Bad Boys,” a nasty scuffle broke out. The players involved were none other than Michael Jordan, Mahorn, and Oakley. In that game, Mahorn had fouled MJ brutally and Oakley was quick to confront him.

It turned into a horrible fight with Mahorn charged $5000, Oakley, $2000, and coach Doug Collins, $1500 for intervening. Jordan had graciously offered to pay the fines for them. But both of them denied it.

On a different note, though, it looks like Steve Kerr is yet to open up about his deal.

Steve Kerr stays silent on the contract extension

Despite Podziemski’s account of Kerr’s happiness at the $35 million extension, the man in question has refrained from speaking openly about the deal. After the Warriors vs Hornets game, Kerr said that the franchise’s VP of Communications, Raymond had advised him to not comment on the deal until an actual contract was signed.

Even so, it hasn’t dampened his spirits. Steve further confirmed that he was feeling pretty good about the situation. Then again, he has mentioned many times over on several occasions his plan of returning to the Warriors. And with the struggling season his team’s been undergoing, Kerr’s primary concern was with turning it around.

Given how he’s been bold with his decisions recently, benching Klay Thompson, starting with Brandin Podziemski, and more, it’s safe to say that Kerr is a man on a mission. And he made it quite clear when he had said that he would continue to close with the group that was going to showcase their will to win the game.

If that involves Klay, then he would close with him. If not, he would swap him for the next best player. Clearly, Steve Kerr is adamant about pulling all stops to turn their season around.


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