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90 Day Fiancé: How Gino Ruined Jasmine’s Life & Career (She Deserved Better)

Jasmine Pineda is no longer the cheerful woman 90 Day Fiancé fans met in Before the 90 Days 5. Her rumored split with Gino has left her broken.

90 Day Fiancé Gino Palazzolo looking worried and frowning wearing grey hat and dark blue shirt

A breakup with Gino Palazzolo on 90 Day Fiancé will end up being a devastating decision for Panamanian star Jasmine Pineda. Jasmine from Panama City joined the franchise cast with 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Jasmine quickly became a controversial figure because of her screaming matches with Gino and her brazen antics such as, “I’m vegan, but I want your freaking meat.” Gino formed the image of a gold digger in viewers’ minds even before Jasmine was introduced to them. Gino claimed he was paying Jasmine money for everything from Jasmine’s hair to nails when he wasn’t.

It was because of Gino that Jasmine ended up losing her teaching job, and she came to depend on him for money. Jasmine then had to leave her family in Panama behind to move to Michigan with him. Gino has promised Jasmine that he will get her sons JC and Juance to America, but that is yet to be seen. For now, Jasmine is trying to launch a fitness and vegan brand of her own, but Gino hasn’t been seen as being supportive. Jasmine may have become a household name thanks to her relationship with Gino, but he’s also made Jasmine a monster.

90 Day Fiancé’s Gino Palazzolo Sent Jasmine Pineda’s Nude Pics To His Ex

Jasmine Blamed Gino For Making Her Lose Her Job

Jasmine was not what Gino wanted his future partner to be like when he first met her in person in Panama in 90 Day Fiancé. He was questioning whether he and Jasmine were even compatible because Jasmine had a bad temper and a rotten attitude. Jasmine used expletives to describe Gino’s exes, didn’t like him looking at other women, disapproved of the electric toothbrush he gave her for Christmas, and saw him as a walking ATM. Gino wondered if Jasmine was the same woman he was talking to online when her friend shared an alarming story of Jasmine throwing a fit at a salon.

Jasmine was definitely looking like the bad guy in the relationship until the tables suddenly turned. Jasmine wanted a bigger and better Christmas gift from Gino, so he took her on a romantic getaway to San Jose Island. Everything was going swimmingly well until Gino’s ex-sugar baby DM’ed Jasmine about the naughty photos of Jasmine he had sent her. Jasmine didn’t believe Linzee Ryder at first, but when she confronted Gino, she knew she’d caught him in a lie. Gino admitted that he sent a nude photo of Jasmine to Linzee as a way to “get back at her.

Gino claimed his ex had rubbed him the wrong way when they broke up and was telling him a lot of things about her new boyfriend. It was Gino’s idea to take revenge on Linzee as he tried to get back at her by forwarding Jasmine’s nude photos. Jasmine believed it was three snaps, while Gino insisted the photos were not “nudes” but topless, and it was just one picture. He backtracked on his earlier claims by saying he didn’t send Linzee the photos on purpose. Gino was seen gaslighting Jasmine on camera. He knew Jasmine would come back to him despite everything.

90 Day Fiancé’s Jasmine Pineda Doesn’t Seem To Be With Gino Palazzolo Anymore

Jasmine Has Been Hinting At A Split With Gino On Instagram

Jasmine instagram On 90 Day Fiance with gifts received on Valentine's Day

Jasmine was being love-bombed by Gino. He wanted her to believe she’d never find a man like him anywhere. Gino didn’t like Jasmine’s close friendship with her ex-boyfriend, Dane. Jasmine knew how much it bothered Gino, so she tried to make him jealous by telling Gino she’d cheated on him with Dane. Gino held a grudge about Dane in his heart. He eventually made Jasmine send Dane a WhatsApp message to end their good friendship. Jasmine had taken money from Dane to get butt implants, and this had hurt Gino’s ego. Jasmine may have realized it was Gino’s weak point.

Jasmine recently posted an Instagram story where she suggested she’d received a Valentine’s Day gift from a mystery man. Jasmine shared a picture of a large greeting card and a teddy bear.

Jasmine wrote, “ I’m very grateful for you too my love and you have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” as her caption.

She added that she was looking forward to having more adventures with this secret admirer as she had a blast spending time with them. Jasmine has been trying to hint at a split with Gino through her Instagram activity.

Jasmine knows that her suggesting she has a new man in her life will make Gino uncomfortable. However, it seems Gino isn’t quite bothered about Jasmine’s hurt feelings. Jasmine said that she never received anything on Valentine’s Day 2024 from Gino. She cried during a TikTok live after sharing photos of roses she had bought for herself. Gino never shared a Valentine’s Day wish for Jasmine to further hurt her. The couple shouldn’t be sharing their relationship status now since they are coming back to the franchise. Jasmine is hurting because of Gino and it shows.

90 Day Fiancé’s Gino Palazzolo Pressured Jasmine Pineda To Have A Baby

Jasmine Had A Heartbreaking Reason To Not Have Another Baby

90 Day Fiancé’s Jasmine & Gino smiling, with baby-themed background
Custom Image by César García

Gino had carried his little blue pills for his trip to Panama. He called it his “secret stash” and Gino was going to use the pills to make himself last longer. Gino claimed Jasmine was a very sexual person. It had been a few years since Gino had been with a woman sexually. Jasmine was 17 years younger than Gino. He wanted to make sure he could keep up with Jasmine in Panama. Gino’s ultimate goal was to put a ring on her finger and get Jasmine pregnant before the end of his Panama sojourn.

Gino had thought he and Jasmine were ready to have children right away even before discussing the same with her. Gino wanted a boy and a girl with Jasmine. He gifted Jasmine a pregnancy kit in Panama. Jasmine was keeping a secret from Gino. She was secretly using birth control pills. Jasmine told Gino that while she wanted a baby, she wasn’t ready for one. After they had been together for almost two years and waiting for her K-1 visa approval, Gino broached the subject of kids again. Jasmine thought they wouldn’t be good parents as they were getting old.

Jasmine thought Gino was delusional about wanting a baby with her. Gino was well aware of the real reason Jasmine wasn’t ready to have kids with Gino. Jasmine’s son, JC, was born with special needs and had a problem communicating. Jasmine expressed how people had been very mean towards her son in the past, showing no tolerance towards him. Jasmine said she was sometimes glad that her son didn’t realize what was going on around him. “But me, as a mom, I do,” she said.

“ What if we have a kid and he’s also special needs? ” Jasmine asked Gino at the time.

However, Gino ended up convincing Jasmine to have a baby nonetheless. He made Jasmine announce to their wedding guests that they were going to try for a baby after their ceremony was done. Gino has been successful in pressuring Jasmine into having a baby with him.

Jasmine Pineda May Lose Instagram Clout & Money If She’s Broken Up With Gino

Jasmine’s Livelihood Depends On Her Success As A Franchise Couple With Gino

Jasmine and Gino have become one of the most popular and recognizable couples in the franchise in recent years. They are as iconic as couples such as Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi or Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods. If Jasmine ends up breaking up with Gino, she’d most likely be blamed for it because of their relationship track record where Gino expertly gaslights her and becomes the victim, earning sympathy from viewers. This, in turn, would lead to Jasmine being unfollowed on social media by Gino sympathizers. Instagram is a part of Jasmine’s livelihood as she makes money by being an internet celebrity.

While Jasmine might end up on a show like 90 Day: The Single Life, she would be treated like Natalie Mordovtseva, who gets the blame for being single or unlovable. Their clout as a power couple in 90 Day Fiancé is what could make Jasmine keep going back to Gino every time she thinks of splitting up. While there are currently rumors of a split between them, it remains to be seen if Jasmine has really chosen to end the toxic relationship and chosen her mental well-being over fame and fortune.

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