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After His Kids Labeled Him Abusive, Russell Simmons Was Slammed With A Lawsuit

After His Kids Labeled Him Abusive, Russell Simmons Was Slammed With A  Lawsuit


  • Russell Simmons’ alleged anger and abuse became public knowledge due to his daughters’ social media posts.
  • Russell filed a lawsuit against Kimora Lee Simmons for allegedly taking his stock worth $800 million.
  • Russell Simmons has been accused by 20 women of sexual abuse, with ongoing lawsuits that may use his behavior against him.

Russell Simmons was once a highly successful record executive who founded Def Jam Records, the same record company that launched the careers of Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, and more. Russell was a force to be reckoned with and built himself a larger-than-life career and fortune from it.

Years after founding Def Jam, Russell met Kimora Lee Simmons. The two would eventually get married in 1998 and, before divorcing in 2009, would have two daughters together, Ming Lee Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons.

From all reports, Russell and Kimora remained friendly with one another as they co-parented their girls. This was a different relationship than what Kimora has with her other baby daddies (Kimora Lee has five children with three different men).

According to Kimora, however, the relationship changed over the years. Instead of being a supportive father, Russell had become angry and verbally abusive. After his kids labeled him abusive, Russell Simmons was also slammed with a lawsuit for allegedly abusive behavior.

Here is how Russell Simmons’ anger issues became public knowledge, why he filed a suit against Kimora Lee Simmons, what the current lawsuit is against Russell, and how his anger and abuse could factor into the defamation lawsuit he has been slapped with.

Russell Simmons’ Anger And Abuse Became Public Knowledge Thanks To His Children

Rumors of Russell Simmons’ alleged anger and verbal abuse spawned from a Father’s Day social media post in June 2023

In June 2023, Ming took to Instagram to wish a Happy Father’s Day, not to Russell, but to Kimora. In years past, Aoki and Ming had acknowledged their father on his birthday and other milestone days. This seemed out of character to not wish Russell a Happy Father’s Day.

This led to Russell posting a photo on his Instagram Stories that read, “Stop telling fathers they should have fought harder to see their children and start asking mothers why he had to fight at all.”

The post was the apparent catalyst in Kimora disclosing the anger and abuse that she and her girls have been subjected to over the past several years by Russell.

Kimora Lee Simmons, Aoki Lee Simmons, Ming Lee Simmons, and Russell Simmons on the red carpet

“Don’t attack my kids, don’t have anything to say about what goes on in this house,” Kimora said during an Instagram Live. “Because if you want to, we can all do that. Like I said, I like receipts. I have receipts. I’ve been collecting them, I’ve been baking a cake. So if you want it, just let me know.”

Aoki backed up Kimora’s statements, commenting on the Live, “We tried to keep it private. He literally taunts and bullies us EVERYDAY. … I have phone tapes of him threatening me? … It’s not ok he’s literally ruining my life.”

In the days that followed, Kimora revealed more of the situation that she and her daughters had been dealing with, unbeknownst to the public. By Kimora’s account, even she did not know just how bad things had gotten between Russell and Aoki and Ming. However, she wanted it to end.

“No one should live like this. No one’s child,” Kimora wrote on her Instagram Stories, according to Complex. “This is abuse. Not ok. The threats. Not ok. The fear mongering. Not ok. Leave my kids alone.”

Kimora Lee Simmons' family kids

Kimora’s focus has been on her family, but her businesses and real estate portfolio are still booming.

Kimora went on to write, “The same abusive ish. This is how you manouver with the world and women all around you. Your threats and lies and intimidation manouvers and tactics are sad. Stop it please. Your own flesh and blood? Enough is enough.”

“You said aoki (and ming) would never work again and that you’d RUIN HER (and them)??! Really?” Kimora questioned. “This is how you learn–if ppl don’t mess with you–then they don’t mess with you. No love lost. And for those of you who know and send your love and support-thank you we love you.”

For his part, Russell seemed to acknowledge is anger and abuse by posting an Instagram photo of his daughters and captioning it with an apology. However, the post appears to have been removed from Russell’s Instagram.

“God is testing you a little bit,” Russell captioned the photo. “It’s ok, be strong…they are called growing pains…as you know, we grow through adversity and struggle…you read my books and heard me preach your whole childhood…reach back and to remember ‘smile and breathe’ …so let go…be at ease…God is driving and he is working on you.

Russell went on to write, “DEEPLY sorry for being frustrated and yelling…but know this…there are no conditions…for sure i love you guys more than i love myself.”

The anger that Russell has been launching at Kimora and his daughters appears to have roots stemming from a lawsuit that Russell filed against Kimora in 2021. The lawsuit alleges Kimora sold Russell’s shares of Celsius stock to save her estranged husband, Tim Leissner.

Russell Simmons Launched A Lawsuit Against Kimora Lee Simmons

Russell Simmons lawsuit claims Kimora Lee Simmons stole stock that belonged to him

In 2021, Russell filed a lawsuit against Kimora, alleging that she unlawfully stole a massive amount of stock from him. Russell contended that the stock was used as collateral for a federal bond for Kimora’s husband, Tim, who was charged with criminal conspiracy and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

As such, Russell stated that Kimora owed him what the stock was worth. According to Russell’s calculations, the stock was worth “$800 million” as of December 2023 and he was suing to get his “half of it back.”

Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons presenting award

“You’ve seen the lawsuit. I had no choice,” Russell told journalist, Graham Bensinger. “I think Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, anybody would have sued. She gave what is now, today, based on the value of the stock, $800 million to the government illegally, and now I’m fighting to get my half of it back.”

However, it appears that Russell is fighting a losing battle with is lawsuit. This is because in December 2023, the Federal Government wrote a memorandum as to why his lawsuit should be dismissed. Specifically, the memorandum stated that Russell’s lawsuit should be dismissed because:

  • Russell was a minority shareholder
  • As a shareholder, Russell did not own assets in the corporation
  • Stock was never sold but instead money was being moved around in the corporation as collateral for bail for Tim
  • Russell gave up his stocks years prior to the money being moved around in the corporation

While the lawsuit has yet to be dropped, Russell’s chances of winning do not appear to be great. But, given that Russell is currently facing lawsuits of his own, the one against Kimora is the least of his problems.

Russell Simmons Is No Stranger To Lawsuits

Russell Simmons has been accused by 20 women of sexual abuse

Russell has been the center of several abuse lawsuits that reportedly occurred between 1988 to 2014. Russell has denied all the claims of abuse against him, saying that all the sexual activity he was involved in was consensual.

In all, there have been 20 women who have accused Russell of sexual misconduct. While some of the cases have been dismissed due to the statute of limitations passing, others are still being investigated. This includes one that was just brought against Russell in February 2024 by “Jane Doe” who worked for Def Jam in the late 1990s.

Russell Simmons on the red carpet

Additionally, Drew Dixon, who worked at Def Jam from 1993 to 1995, has filed a defamatory suit against Russell. In it, she is seeking compensatory and punitive damages after Russell, who she accuses of sexual abuse, went on a smear campaign to “discredit” Drew’s claims after she participated in the New York Times article in which multiple accusers came out against Russell. Drew also participated in a Sundance Film Festival documentary that spoke of Russell’s abuse.

“Simmons has gone on a concerted and malicious campaign to discredit Ms. Dixon and to so damage her reputation to the point her claims would not be credible,” the lawsuit read, “and this defamation has exacerbated the paralyzation of Ms. Dixon professionally.”

Kimora Lee Simmons, Ming Lee Simmons, and Aoki Lee Simmons at an industry event

On top of attending Harvard, Aoki Lee Simmons has also been busy following in her mom’s footsteps in recent years.

The lawsuit was a result of Russell stating that “Yeah, [r*pe is] a serious word, but I think they’ve changed the meaning,” the publication wrote. Russell further went on to say that those accusing him were only doing so because of the “thirst for fame” they all shared.

Given that sexual abuse comes from a place of violence and anger, the anger and abuse that Russell has toward his children and Kimora could come into play.

How Russell Simmons’ Anger And Abuse Could Play A Factor In The Defamation And Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Russell Simmons’ behavior and comments posted on social media could be used against him

In order to establish a history of abusive traits, if any of the lawsuits make it to trial, it is possible that prosecutors will use what Kimora, Aoki, and Ming have posted on social media. Some of the comments that were made public by Aoki that Russell allegedly said show the same patterns that abusers use on their victims. This includes saying no one would believe them if they spoke out and threatening their livelihood if they did.

Russell Simmons on the red carpet
via Instar

According to now-deleted text messages that Aoki posted on social media, Russell stated that Aoki would “never get a job in fashion again” if she spoke out about the verbally abusive relationship she had with Russell. The texts also went on to say that “no one would believe her” if Aoki went to anyone about Russell’s behavior.

Because of these text messages, Aoki told Russell that she had to “block him” for “not respecting her boundaries.” The communication between Aoki and Russell was causing Aoki to have “panic attacks” for which she had to take “emergency medication.”

Whether this information will be used, remains to be seen. But it is clear that the relationship between Russell and his children is strained at best and with the lawsuits stacking up against him, Russell will be dealing with them for some time to come.

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