After The Mike Tyson Attacked By Fan After Bout Against Roy Jones Jr Incident. Some People Think That At This Age Of Nearly 60, Mike Tyson May Now Be A Good Target For An Attack

Right after boxing Roy Jones Jr. (where Tyson looked great), a crazy fan decided to challenge Mike Tyson to a fight outside STAPLES Center. Tyson, in a good mood after his fight, joked with the fan and asked him to leave. That is when the fan decided to swing at Tyson and alarmed everyone on Tyson’s team. They got in between Tyson and the fan, and the situation seemingly cooled off.

The report from TMZ also stated that the fan appeared to reach into his waistband to possibly reveal a weapon. They also said that Tyson’s team has confirmed that this particular fan has tried to cause trouble at signings as well.

Mike Tyson and this situation
There are no reports or confirmation on whether anything harmful happened outside what TMZ said. However, these incidents are very likely to happen because of the nature of certain fans.

Tyson was riding the high of his boxing return, and it is really upsetting to see that there was a possible damper on the night.

A call was made to the police around 11 PM the night of the fight to report a battery case involving Mike Tyson. However, the crowds had dispersed by the time the police got there. The report also mentioned that the fan had run off when Tyson’s team tried to get him.

It is asinine to think someone off the street could beat a 54-year-old Mike Tyson. Even one of the greatest boxers in Roy Jones Jr. couldn’t do that. What chance did a random crazy fan have? This is a silly thing to try, and we hope that Mike Tyson is okay. Hopefully, this fan isn’t a problem for him again.

Mike Tyson was once called the scariest man on the planet. You don’t get a nickname like that without literally striking fear in whoever sees you.
However, the days of Tyson’s prime are long in the past and he is an almost 60-year-old man. Some people think that Tyson may now be a good target for an attack.

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