All the Enemies Annemarie Wiley Is Making In the Bravosphere

To say Annemarie Wiley‘s debut season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills isn’t going well would be an understatement. Even before she appeared on camera, the accusations her husband committed sexual assault made fans uneasy. Once she did show up, Annemarie’s obsession with Sutton Stracke‘s esophagus became the worst RHOBH storyline since Puppygate.

It seems like Annemarie’s scenes were already cut down, but for many, there’s still too much. Viewers aren’t the only ones who’ve had enough. Bravo stars throughout the Real Housewives franchise are also coming out against Annemarie. Here are all the enemies she’s already accumulated in the Bravosphere like they’re Infinity Stones.

Sutton Stracke

Sutton Stracke
(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

Sutton’s esophagus is Annemarie’s only storyline, and boy is she beating it into the ground. Seriously, what did Sutton do to Annemarie that made her obsessed with disputing the medical condition? Is it all on behalf of Kyle Richards?

Regardless, Annemarie made some out of line accusations about Sutton’s medical condition. Including that Sutton was lying about the whole thing to cover up an eating disorder.

Annemarie said the boutique owner could simply chew her food more. Even casual viewers with no medical knowledge could tell that wasn’t right. And she insisted Sutton couldn’t drink alcohol with her medications, despite what the Georgia native’s own doctor said.

After these completely uncalled for comments, Sutton confronted Annemarie at the Homeless Not Toothless event. Annemarie dug a bigger hole for herself by continuing to call Sutton a liar. After their big fight, Sutton hoped she and Annemarie could move on from her esophagus. We have a feeling that’s not going to happen.

Crystal Kung Minkoff

Crystal Kung Minkoff in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 Trailer
(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

Also, at the Homeless Not Toothless event, Crystal Kung Minkoff called Annemarie “such a bitch.” This came after long-simmering frustrations with the nurse anesthetist. Including that, according to Crystal, Annemarie initially lied and said she was a doctor.

It was incredibly frustrating to watch Annemarie attempt to gaslight Crystal and insist she never implied Sutton has an eating disorder. First of all, Annemarie, you can’t lie about something that was caught on camera. And secondly, that topic hits very close to home for Crystal. In a recent episode, she opened up to husband Rob Minkoff about her own eating disorder and body dysmorphia.

Feuding with Annemarie, and continuously standing up for Sutton, has boosted Crystal’s popularity amongst RHOBH fans. Especially after she joked that maybe she should call herself a doctor for googling Sutton’s condition.

Annemarie’s response also did her no favors. In another laughable moment, she said Crystal must be jealous of her medical profession. She also demanded her co-star apologize…good luck with that. Clearly, Crystal will remain a Bravosphere enemy of Annemarie’s for a while.

Garcelle Beauvais

(Photo by Kayla Oaddams/Getty Images)

Sutton’s close pal, Garcelle Beauvais, also has no patience for Annemarie. The actress was firmly in Crystal’s corner amidst their feud. At one point during Annemarie’s hours-long rant about Sutton’s esophagus, Garcelle had to get up and walk away. And she spoke for viewers with that “oh no no no no no…” reaction to Annemarie blaming Crystal for implying Sutton has an eating disorder.

Garcelle’s refusal to entertain this brand of nonsense is surely why she has celebrity fans like Jessica Chastain. We can’t picture any Oscar winners stanning Annemarie anytime soon.

Dr. Tiffany Moon


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(Tiffany Moon/Instagram)

After Annemarie’s initial round of accusations and medical inaccuracies, fellow medical professionals in the Bravosphere responded. After getting tagged by fans, anesthesiologist Dr. Tiffany Moon, who was a cast member on The Real Housewives of Dallas, called out and corrected Annemarie.

Tiffany used her professional expertise to thoroughly explain these very real esophagus issues and how they are treated. She also called Annemarie’s treatment of Sutton “disturbing,” “cringey,” and “rude.” Ending the video with a mic drop, Tiffany added that no one should weaponize their medical knowledge like that, “especially when you’re wrong!”

Dr. Nicole Martin


After she received a lot of questions about it, Real Housewives of Miami star Nicole Martin also issued a response to Annemarie’s medical inaccuracies. In her initial video, Dr. Nicole praised the previous response by her fellow anesthesiologist Tiffanny Moon. She also made sure to be pleasant to Annemarie, complimenting the newbie for being super nice at BravoCon.

Annemarie did not return the favor. Instead, she responded by calling Nicole a “clout chaser.” That was a big mistake. An activated Dr. Nicole showed as much when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live.

This time, Nicole dispensed of any niceties. Instead, she took issue with Annemarie using the phrase “clout chasing,” because it “implies that you’re going after a bigger fish.” The doctor took this shade to the next level by adding that Annemarie was “in no way a bigger fish.” Then, as if she heard Bravo fans shouting FINISH HER, Nicole added, “Not medically, not professionally, not educationally.” Damn!

After Nicole so effortlessly destroyed her with that read, it would be in Annemarie’s best interest to keep this particular Bravosphere enemy’s name out of her mouth. But because Annemarie has a hard time letting things go, we predict she’ll try to keep this Bravosphere feud going.

Tamra Judge

(Tamra Judge/X)

Tamra Judge never misses a chance to share her Bravo opinions. The RHOC star has already criticized RHOBH Season 13 for being too boring. Clearly, she doesn’t think the newest cast member is helping. Reacting to the latest episode, Tamra tweeted out a shady tagline suggestion for Annemarie. In the replies, users overwhelmingly agreed “I may put you to sleep for a living…including on this show” was spot-on. One wrote that Tamra’s tweet was better than anything Annemarie’s done on the show.

Of course, at this point, it’s unlikely Annemarie will need advice on a future tagline. Given all backlash, and the enemies Annemarie’s made in the Bravosphere, it seems all but guaranteed that she’ll join the list of one-and-done Real Housewives stars.

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