Annemarie Wiley Says ‘Backstabbing’ Crystal Kung Minkoff Used Her for Screen Time

The freshman member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills also talks misunderstandings about eating disorder conversation, her job as a nurse anesthesiologist, and her belief that Crystal changes for the cameras.

It’s safe to say that things are not at peace between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer Annemarie Wiley and Crystal Kung Minkoff, with Annemarie saying, “I really felt like she was just stabbing me in the back repeatedly.”

Chatting with Entertainment Tonight, Annemarie said that it’s been enlightening watching how Crystal has spoken about her in confessionals on the show, feeling she “took advantage” of her as a new cast member for drama.

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According to Annemarie, it started right away, too. “Even on the way to my first night meeting the ladies at [Kyle Richards’] house, we were texting from outside the car, right? And then when I see everything play out and she says [in a confessional], ‘Oh, that b—h is nosy,’ and I’m like, we were just texting! Why are you calling me nosy now?”
In fact, Annemarie might argue that Crystal started showing this two-faced side before that, even. “Crystal and I had met prior to filming, and she was so sweet and she was so helpful,” Annemarie said. “She was really different off-camera than she was on camera.”
She also accused Crystal of trying to distort reality to suit her needs, with both of them still disagreeing about what happened on the Spain trip. Annemarie says Crystal called the women “fake socialites, shallow and uneducated” off-camera. Crystal insists her words were twisted.
Despite saying that publicly, Annemarie said of Crystal, “She did admit it to the ladies. When she said that about the ladies, they were in a bad place and that’s what led her to say that to me and she apologized.”

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Another topic of contention was a complete misunderstanding, according to Annemarie. It happened when she and Crystal were talking about Sutton Stracke’s narrow esophagus. What happened and what viewers saw may not be the same — or they may.
On the show, it looked as if Annemarie was the first to throw out the suggestion of a possible eating disorder, but she later claimed on camera that Crystal proposed the idea first. Now, she gave a more detailed explanation for what happened.
“That conversation happened because Crystal asked a question about an eating disorder, and I was answering the question about an eating disorder,” she said. “Neither Crystal nor myself accused Sutton of having an eating disorder.”
Nevertheless, it turned into a whole thing with Crystal, who said Annemarie brought it up and then tried to pin it on her. Crystal has been open on the show about her struggles with bulimia.
“When I watched it back, I was wondering why Crystal was so mad,” she conceded. “I didn’t even know that she thought that I was accusing her of saying that Sutton had an eating disorder, that wasn’t even clear to me.”

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“So, once I understood that that was the way it was perceived by Crystal, that’s why I explained that I wasn’t saying, ‘You said it…’ nor did I say it,” she explained. “It was a discussion we were both having.”
She also said she was will always apologize “if I’ve hurt someone’s feelings,” but that her intentions weren’t to hurt anyone. “But if she needs an apology from me, I’m not above doing that.” She teased that this will come up again through the course of the reunion.
Standing by her own cattiness in the face of how she feels she was treated by Crystal throughout the season, Annemarie still backs her asking Crystal to thank her for making her relevant on the show.
“What was Crystal talking about before I came in midseason, right? She wasn’t talking about too much, and I think that she’s kind of gotten a pass for not having too much going on,” she argued. “So when I entered the show, she kind of saw that as an opportunity to create some drama for herself and create something that she could really talk about.”
In fact, Annemarie took it so far as to say that Crystal admitted to her that she took shots at the newbie on purpose to get more screen time.

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Without naming names, though ET associated it with Crystal in their story, Annemarie took to her Instagram ahead of the reunion with some “keys to a clear conscience.”
Right off the bat, it certainly seemed she was targeting Crystal with a comment like, “Do not misrepresent the truth about someone else’s character, career, or integrity to give yourself a storyline- especially when you have a well documented history of being a pathological liar.”
She kept digging with her next point: “Do not back stab someone, then admit to them off camera that you lied about them for a storyline, then cry on their shoulder behind closed doors about keeping up the lie and the fighting stressing you out and causing your blood pressure to elevate, then extend an olive branch on camera, only to not let it go and back stab them once again.”
“Find your voice, but do so by building yourself up, not by having to try and tear the same person down continuously,” she concluded her message. “Always be authentically yourself, regardless of who’s watching. Don’t put on a façade to save your job.”
Another point Annemarie brought up in her post has to do with her profession, which became yet another point of contention between her and Crystal during the season.

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“Do not repeatedly disrespect and diminish a healthcare worker’s profession (or anyone’s for that matter), especially after they advocated to get you to a hospital and helped you when no one else wanted to,” she wrote. “Healthcare workers dedicate their lives to helping others. Nurses are imperative.”
She talked more about that feeling that Crystal was disrespecting her profession as a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), with Crystal saying that Annemarie misrepresented herself as a doctor rather than a nurse.
“It is very disrespectful to accuse someone of title misrepresentation when it’s because you don’t understand what the title means,” she told ET. “or when you fabricate something, so that you have something to talk about especially when you’re talking about someone’s profession that they worked very hard to obtain those degrees and obtain those licenses. That is very disrespectful.”
According to Annemarie, it’s a common confusion in her field because so many people are unfamiliar with CRNAs, which is why she gets so sensitive about it. And it’s not always that people mistake her for a doctor. “A lot of times I get mistaken for doing aesthetics because people have never heard of a certified registered nurse anesthesiologist.”

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Nevertheless, she tried to enter the reunion taping with a sense of peace, really feeling that she and Crystal had quashed whatever beef they may have had during filming.
“I thought after the finale that we were in a better place, because I was ready to move forward and put everything behind me,” she explained. It looks like she wasn’t on the same page as Crystal, though, with her adding, “You’ll see some more things come up from her.”
“I don’t think she’s ready to let things go, so I feel like, at this point, I need to just you know follow her lead and if she wants things to move forward, and we can get to a better and lighter and more fun place, then I’m all for it,” said Annemarie. “But I think she’s still has some things that she’s kind of working through.”
For Annemarie’s part, she told viewers to not look for fireworks coming from her in the three-part reunion, which began airing Wednesday night. “I said all my truths. I feel like I stayed calm the entire time, I wasn’t going to get into any back-and-forth arguments with anyone,” she said.
There have been plenty of fireworks already from other cast members, though. You can check out all of the drama so far from just the first hour in the stories below, and stay tuned as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion continue to unfold across the next two Wednesdays on Bravo.

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