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Ashley Iaconetti Haibon Comes to Sydney Gordon’s Defense After Flap With Maria Georgas

Bachelor Nation’s Ashley Iaconetti Haibon has come to the defense of “Bachelor” contestant Sydney Gordon after the flap between Gordon and Maria Georgas on the February 5 episode of Joey Graziadei’s season.

“Please be kind to our friend,” Iaconetti Haibon wrote in her Instagram Story, sharing a photo showing her with Gordon and former contestant Jill Chin.

The Bachelor fans cringe as Sydney shows off 'talent' in front of Joey  Graziadei - TV - Entertainment - Daily Express US

Gordon promptly shared Iaconetti Haibon’s post to her own Instagram story. Iaconetti Haibon also spoke about the situation on her podcast.

According to the Providence Journal, Gordon is “the owner of Folk Vintage Co., a vintage store on Thames Street in Newport.” According to Business Insider, Iaconetti Haibon once wore a rainbow crocheted dress from Gordon’s store on the air.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon Made the Post After Sydney Gordon Was Criticized on Social Media for Her Comments About Maria Georgas

All this unnecessary drama that Sydney is conjuring up is so stupid. Also, why is Madina even allowing Sydney’s delusion to influence her and make her feel she’s being bullied?! Maria is NOT bullying anyone.#TheBachelor

In the Instagram post, Iaconetti Haibon offered an explanation for her defense of Gordon.

Iaconetti Haibon wrote, “Sometimes you just have to have been there to understand why people made the moves they did.”

Gordon caused a stir among fans when she accused Georgas of bullying another contestant. Georgas denied doing so and said she had merely said the other contestant, Madina, shouldn’t be worried about her age, framing it as a positive remark. Many fans on social media took Georgas’s side, accusing Gordon of making up drama with Georgas that wasn’t there. The situation concerned “Bachelor” Joey Graziadei who wasn’t privy to the conversations between the women at the time.

Sydney is sooooo annoying. She literally blows everything out of proportion . I wish Joey would ask the other ladies what they think of Maria and see the feedback he gets. She is not what Sydney paints her out to be. #TheBachelor

Although some of the other women said on air that they did not believe Georgas was bullying anyone, they did not express those feelings to Graziadei.

Ashley Iaconetti Haibon Says She Believes a Lot of Context Is Missing on the Show

Ashley Iaconetti & Jarod Haibon.

Iaconetti Haibon and her husband Jared Haibon “work with Sydney in Rhode Island on their social media pages,” US Weekly reported, adding, “They previously teased to Us Weekly that Sydney could be at odds with the women competing.”

Iaconetti Haibon also spoke to former “Bachelor” Ben Higgins about the situation on Monday on their “Almost Famous” podcast, the day the show aired. “We hear Sydney say that she’s called her weird … stupid and embarrassing, and then there were a couple other things that I’ve heard that she’s called her but it did not make air,” Iaconetti Haibon said on the podcast.

She added:

You’d have to think that Sydney is making that up, that she totally made that up out of thin air and told Joey about that so she’s a liar, or you can think that you just didn’t see her saying that on TV. But I think because there is — seemingly — this is all an argument over nothing and it certainly is not just about Madina and the old comment, let’s just forget about that, that does not exist in my mind, barely during this episode. I think there’s a lot of context missing, and that’s what I’ll say.

Iaconetti Haibon said on the podcast that the show’s edit made it seem like “an argument about nothing. And I’m sure it’s not an argument about nothing.”

The Providence Journal reported that Haibon is from Rhode Island. The couple live together in Rhode Island where they own a coffee shop, according to Rhode Island Monthly. The Rhode Island Monthly feature profile on the Haibons features a photo of Iaconetti Haibon that was taken by Sydney Gordon.

According to Reality TV World, Iaconetti Haibon previously wrote of Gordon on her Instagram Story, “Wwhaaatt how did my friend [Sydney] get on The Bachelor?!”

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