Bіg Brother Cаnаdа’ѕ HOH comр reѕultѕ аnd nomѕ, рluѕ crаckѕ form between аllіeѕ

Big Brother Canada’s HOH comp results and noms, plus cracks form between allies 
BBCAN12’s episode 15 HOH comp was What’s Shakin’, and played shuffleboard-style but with milkshakes

Before I get to Big Brother Canada 12’s episode 15, a couple items of interest popped up in the latest Digital Dailies, including confirmation that the Chain of Rejection/Executive Veto/eviction show was taped Tuesday rather than Wednesday.

That would partly explain why there was no studio audience, but otherwise it’s a mystery. Maybe they just wanted extra editing time to drive their storyline(s) of choice, and of course to add all those subtitles.

We also learned that Avery won the HOH comp. When they came in from the comp, hamsters were all dressed in outfits that looked like fast food uniforms or maybe a 1960s burger joint?

Avery went upstairs to take out her contact lenses or something, and was acting extremely calm until various others came along and then the celebratory jumping up and down happened among the women, Hot Chocolate, and Hotter Chocolate groupings, with excited congratulations in whispery tones.

It sounded like Avery was wanting to target Elijah and was planning to put up Todd with him as a pawn. In the following Digital Daily, that changed to using Tola as the pawn, with Todd as a renom if needed.

Finally, Bayleigh, Elijah, Lexus, Matthew were apparently named Have-nots this week, but nothing about that was mentioned on the show. 

On to Sunday’s episode to get everything confirmed.

The opening recap segment lasted longer than usual and included fallout from the Chain of Rejection, Exec Veto, and Vivek’s eviction. Most of that revolved around cracks forming between Anthony and Victoria because he’d wanted Todd to go and was annoyed that Victoria saved him.

Anthony said in Diary that he’d given the power to Victoria as a test to see where she truly stood, and he found out when she saved Todd. He said the two of them had a pact coming in to stick together to Final Two, but now he knows he can’t trust her completely.

A person wearing a button-up white and black shirt has his hand on one of three milkshakes on a table in front of himOn BBCAN12 episode 15’s HOH competition, Anthony lined up his milkshakes in the HOH comp, which he didn’t want to win

The HOH comp setting was the BBCan Diner and the setup was simple: each of them had 30 seconds to slide three (fake) milkshakes down a long table, shuffleboard style. The table was divided into point sections and the goal was to land their milkshakes to get the most total points.

Most of them took multiple shots until they were happy with their scores or their time ran out. Results in order were: Anthony 19; Avery 36; Bayleigh 33; Tola 21; Victoria 15; Kayla 22; Matthew 11; Lexus 23; Todd 29, giving Avery the win.

She was thrilled and happy to contribute a win to Hot and Hotter Chocolate, and she showed off her pics and her new WINNERS outfit when she got her room.

The women all stayed behind in HOH as the guys went downstairs. Anthony led the guys in grumping about the girls always being together and being obvious about working together, and meanwhile Victoria told the girls that Anthony was annoyed with her for saving Todd, and that Anthony couldn’t just take that loss and move on.

A person with a puzzled look on her faceBBCAN12’s Lexus didn’t like hearing about Anthony’s complaints about the women spending too much time together

Anthony joined the Hot Chocolate ladies in HOH and Avery said she wanted an easy week that would benefit the alliance, and she said Elijah would be an easy target. Anthony said they needed to “cause some separation” because the girls were too visible about working together.

That annoyed Avery, who said in Diary that it was okay for Anthony to be always hanging out with Matthew and the guys, so he shouldn’t have a problem with the women doing the same.

Avery told Victoria she was thinking Elijah and Todd for her noms, but she was concerned Anthony might send Todd home. Victoria said she wanted Matthew to go, and she said she was sure Todd would do whatever she wanted since he owed her now. Victoria told Kayla that noms needed to be Matthew and Tola, and she told Avery she can’t waste her HOH on getting Elijah out.

They found booze in the pantry in the form of White Sangria and Tequila Soda, and they had a good time dancing and partying, and letting off steam. Victoria pulled Todd aside to tell him everyone had wanted her to save Tola with the Executive Veto, but she saved him instead, and they did some Final Two-ish talk but if they made that formal, it wasn’t shown. She told him she could never put Anthony on the block but Todd could, and he said “I could send anyone home and not shed a tear.”

Avery asked Lexus to share Wendy’s with her, saying they hadn’t had many one-on-one talks, and that she trusted Lexus more than before since she’d eliminated Matthew in the Chain of Rejection. Lexus had previously said in a Diary segment she’d done it for that reason: to regain the trust of the women.

Avery’s girlfriend Erin was in the Wendy’s window and Avery was super happy to see her there. Erin said she was watching Avery “every day” so she must be watching the Dailies.

Avery told Lexus about Anthony saying the girls were spending too much time together, which irritated Lexus. They pointed out that Anthony spent most of his time with Matthew and Tola, so why the double standard?

Avery debated in Diary Room whether to make a big move or do something easier, which is what she opted to do. She told Tola he’d be going on the block against Elijah, who was her target, and she said it would be a unanimous vote against him.

She also warned Elijah he’d be going up but she didn’t say he was the target, nor who she’d be putting up with him. Elijah seemed almost grateful, saying he understood and he’d do whatever she needed him to do this week, and “it’s the smart move.” Okay then.

Victoria checked in with Anthony to see if he was okay with the Elijah plan and he seemed to go along with it. Victoria asked if they were eventually going to stick with Hot Chocolate or not, and he said “we’re gonna have to do some shit to get to the end.” He then said in a Diary segment about Victoria “my guard is up, I see the game you’re playing. I’m not mad but believe me when I say I’m gonna get even.”

Avery said sometimes the best move is the easiest move, and she did indeed nominate Elijah and Tola, wrapping up her speech by saying “Goose, you are my target” and then reiterating that by telling Tola he was not her target.

Elijah closed out the show in the Diary Room with “I’m the Maltese goose here” and added if he can’t win the veto, he’s going to have to “campaign my feathers off.”

My site hamsterwatch.com has info for how to watch the episodes and the Digital Dailies from outside Canada, and I’m keeping the Power Status, cast and season stats sections up to date as we go.

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