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‘Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Says There Is ‘Something Behind’ Claims He Has Yellow Eyes

“Bachelor” Joey Graziadei says he will discuss claims that he has “yellow eyes.” He didn’t deny having them and said he may explain what’s behind it in a future video.

According to US Magazine, fans have grown concerned that Graziadei might have health issues as a result of his eyes. While he didn’t confirm that, he also told the magazine that he might explain the situation in the future.

joey graziadei yellow eyes

Concern about Graziadei having yellow eyes has emerged on TikTok especially, where fans have posted videos raising questions about it.

Here’s what you need to know:

Joey Graziadei Acknowledged There is ‘Something Behind’ Fans Claims That He Has Yellow Eyes

Graziadei did confirm to US Magazine that there is “something behind” the eye situation.

“The eyes thing, I actually am probably going to post a video a little bit more about that later on and I can give some more insight,” Joey told Us. “There is something behind that and I’ll use the right space to be able to talk through that.”

During the same interview, Graziadei opened up to Us about the season’s success.

“In my nature, it’s never my way to take credit,” he told Us. “ I’ll always look at the other outside factors and I think the women have just been amazing. I think what people have probably been more invested in the season is they feel the realness. They feel actually people that are trying to get to know each other. They feel that there actually [are] real stories that are starting to build and people are invested, but also the women are invested and I think that’s great to see.”

Although it’s unclear why Graziadei’s eyes might sometimes have a yellow hue, WebMD says in general, “The whites of your eyes (called the sclera) turn yellow when you have a condition called jaundice.” There are a number of potential causes for this, some more serious than others. According to WebMD, they include drinking alcohol, being on certain medications, and more serious situations like a liver infection or sickle cell anemia. Again, Graziadei has not explained why his eyes are yellow, although he indicated there is something to it.

Fans Have Been Raising Concerns About Joey Graziadei’s ‘Yellow Eyes’ on Social Media

Fans have posted about the yellow eye question on social media. “Is there a doctor around? His eyes are straight up yellow,” wrote one fan on February 20 on X.

A TikTok user questioned whether Graziadei has jaundice. “I’m not his doctor, obvi, but there are many reasons for jaundice (if he’s truly jaundiced),” the user wrote.
Another fan on TikTok believes Graziadei’s eyes were getting “more yellow” as the season goes on and hoped he gets them checked out.

“Those eyes were a little yellow my guy 👀😅” commented another fan in a TikTok video.

Other fans agreed in the comment thread of one TikTok video, with one questioning why the contestants keep saying that Graziadei has pretty eyes without pointing out they sometimes look yellow.

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