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Casting Annemarie Wiley In RHOBH Season 13 Was a Mistake, Here’s Why

Annemarie Wiley, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Jayne BravoCon 2023

Annemarie Wiley is the newest cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She joined after a very messy Season 12. Thankfully, things are slowly on the mend for this series. You see, prior to Annemarie’s entrance, the Fox Force Five, which formed around Season 9, was starting to crack.

This group’s weird alliance saw Sutton Stracke, Crystal Kung Minkoff, and Garcelle Beauvais always on the defense. While we aren’t saying that we always found these three women innocent, we are saying that the Fox Force Five rode too hard against those who failed to bow down to their little clique. To put it bluntly, the contrived narratives of Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp, Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, and Erika Jayne sucked. Thankfully, John Mellencamp‘s son-in-law’s wife wasn’t asked back post Season 10, and Lisa quit following Season 12.

In previous seasons, this alliance also ganged up on Denise Richards and Lisa Vanderpump. Watching this clique slowly fading away has allowed for better, kinder narratives to form. Just last week, Erika stuck up for Garcelle while correcting Dorit, and we almost fell over from cheering. That said, Annemarie’s presence is starting to feel like the old Fox Force Five is trying to make a resurgence, and we want none of that back on our screens.

While we can applaud Bravo for continuing to address the lack of diversity in its many series, Annemarie’s not it. Don’t get us wrong, she could have been great, but so far, we’re not liking what we are seeing. Honestly, casting Annemarie Wiley in RHOBH Season 13 was a mistake. Here’s why.

Annemarie Seems Desperate for Kyle’s Approval

Real Housewives Beverly Hills/Instagram

Annemarie entered this series via her neighbor, Kyle. That said, these two didn’t meet over their hedges while others mowed their expansive, lux lawns. They actually met after Annemarie attended a party at Kyle’s home for Mauricio Umanksy‘s real agent company, The Agency. Right away this season, Annemarie took on all of the same frustrations as Kyle, almost like Kyle had prepared her about who to question, and who to clash with, amongst their cast.

Sutton and Crystal have already found themselves in Annemarie’s crosshairs. In the trailer, Annemarie can be heard telling Crystal that her feud with her might actually make Crystal relevant. This is a nod back to the Fox Force Five, who often accused Crystal of not having a storyline, in addition to their constantly seen attempts at ganging up on her whenever negative attention came their way.

Stupidly, Annemarie also came for Sutton. More on that below. Overall, it’s very clear that Annemarie has been prepped about her colleagues, and that her intentions include being Kyle’s next mouthpiece in Teddi’s absence. We need new blood, or at least unswayable additions who can hold new thoughts with zero preconceived motives or intentions. Bravo may have wanted to refresh the Housewives, but casting Annemarie Wiley in RHOBH Season 13 wasn’t the way.

Annemarie’s Dolling Out Unsolicited Medical Advice


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Nicole Martin, MD/Instagram

When she’s not filming for RHOBH, Annemarie works as a nurse anesthetist. As a medical professional, Annemarie crossed many lines following the cast’s recent dinner party from hell. Here, Sutton was questioning Kyle about her marriage, so Kyle flipped the script, accusing Sutton of having an eating disorder. Enter Annemarie, the expert new mouthpiece of Kyle.

To explain, Annemarie jumped into their conversation right as Sutton was walking Kyle through her narrowing esophagus issues, explaining how this makes it difficult for her to eat at times. At this point, Annemarie started to heavily question Sutton’s claim’s, which was gross, as she hasn’t treated Sutton, nor has she ever looked at Sutton’s medical files. While Kyle sat back taking it all in, Annemarie tried her hardest to come across as an expert in her field, yet, she missed the mark. Thankfully, other Real Housewives who are also anesthesiologists jumped in, calling out Annemarie’s dirty dealings.

“Medical gaslighting occurs when a medical professional dismisses or downplays a patient’s physical symptoms or attributes them to something else, like a psychological condition,” explained one, Dr. Nicole Martin from Real Housewives of Miami, who is also an anesthesiologist. Similarly, Dr. Tiffany Moon, from the now defunct Real Housewives of Dallas, also weighed in. Tiffany posted that she found Annemarie’s unsolicited medical advice “very disturbing,” before explaining to the fans how an esophagus even works, and how delicate and varied issues with these can be.

Also, do you all remember when the Fox Force Five called foul over Yolanda Hadid‘s Lyme disease journey? Yeah. Can we get a different storyline from this group, and skip this Munchausen BS? To put it bluntly, Annemarie’s casting and her unethical usage of her medical “knowledge” were both mistakes.

Annemarie’s Husband Has Dark Skeletons

Bravo Housewives/Instagram

When you are cast on a reality television series, all aspects of privacy go out the window. Also, it’s common knowledge that if you have any skeletons, they will come out of the closet, and quickly. Case in point, Annemarie’s husband Marcellus Wiley was just slapped with a lawsuit over claims that he raped another student while at Columbia University in the 1990s.

In this newly filed lawsuit, it is made clear that the victim did report this incident right after it occurred, but their school chose to protect the future NFL player, who was a star running back for their football team.

This is dark. As this season has only just begun, we now have to watch Marcellus on our screens, knowing full well the damage that he has allegedly caused. Hopefully, Bravo will edit out his already filmed scenes. As for his wife’s appearances, these won’t be edited, but her casting was still a mistake, and on this, we hope that Sutton, Garcelle, and Crystal will rise up to correct Kyle her as needed.

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