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Craig Conover: Why it’s ‘very probable’ Paige DeSorbo relationship won’t last

Craig Conover admitted he could see a future where his relationship with Paige DeSorbo won’t work out.

The “Southern Charm” star made the shocking confession after Kyle Cooke asked him about the couple’s long-distance relationship during Thursday’s episode of “Summer House.”

“I’ve been working on my mental health, my physical health, like, everything, and, like, I love Paige, but I’m almost becoming the best version of myself, and so if we work out, we work out, but if we don’t, it’s not the end of the world. I hope we do,” Conover, 35, shared.

Craig Conover admitted it’s “very probable” that his relationship with Paige DeSorbo will not last. BRAVO© Provided by Page Six
“If we work out, we work out, but if we don’t, it’s not the end of the world,” Conover said on “Summer House.” Getty Images for Heineken© Provided by Page Six

Cooke appeared stunned by the revelation and asked Conover whether he actually envisioned a breakup.

“I mean, there’s always that chance, right? I mean, we do live in different places. Like, she lives in New York City; she loves New York. I love Charleston; I run a company out of Charleston. Like, it’s very probable. You would be naive to be like, ‘Oh, it’s all just gonna work out,’” the Sewing Down South co-founder said.

Cooke shared in a confessional that the conversation was the first time he “heard any kind of doubt coming from Craig,” whom he noted previously had been talking about an engagement.

The “Southern Charm” star said he would be “naive” to think “it’s all just gonna work out.” Instagram/caconover© Provided by Page Six
The reality TV couple discussed the possibility of Conover helping to pay for some of DeSorbo’s New York City rent. Getty Images© Provided by Page Six

Conover then brought up how he “offered to put money down to get a sweeter apartment” for DeSorbo, 31, in NYC, but she “doesn’t want” the help.

“I mean, in my perfect world, there would be a little more security to being like, ‘One day we’re going to get married and then have kids,’” he said. “She has told me that’s what we’re gonna do, so I have to tailor my insecurities and my impatience and either believe her or not.

“My patience isn’t gonna last forever, right? And that’s the risk, you know?” he concluded.

However, DeSorbo did not want Conover to chip in. BRAVO© Provided by Page Six
“I wouldn’t go buy a car with Craig not being married. I wouldn’t start a bank account with Craig not being married, so why would I take part of my rent from him?” she said. Getty Images© Provided by Page Six

Earlier in the day, Lindsay Hubbard asked DeSorbo whether Conover would “contribute” to her rent for a bigger apartment since he stays with her when he visits the Big Apple.

“No,” DeSorbo replied.

Conover clarified that if DeSorbo found a “sick-ass apartment” slightly over her budget, he would “cover” the additional costs.

The Sewing Down South co-founder said helping pay DeSorbo’s rent “would just freak Paige out.” Bravo© Provided by Page Six
“I’m not just gonna be indebted to him,” DeSorbo said. Instagram/paige_desorbo© Provided by Page Six

“Yeah, I don’t want it,” she replied.

Conover agreed that they are “not there yet” and that “would just freak Paige out.”

“I wouldn’t go buy a car with Craig not being married. I wouldn’t start a bank account with Craig not being married, so why would I take part of my rent from him?” she said in a confessional. “Also, I’m not just gonna be indebted to him and then, what, he thinks he’s gonna make decisions in my apartment? Get outta town, so no and no.”

DeSorbo also pointed out that if “something happened” in their relationship, which began in the fall of 2021, it would be awkward to tell Conover, “Hey, your portion is due.”

The couple have been in a long-distance relationship since 2021. PGA TOUR© Provided by Page Six
Since then, they’ve defended their romance several times. Getty Images© Provided by Page Six

This is not the first time Conover has said it would not be “the end of the world” if he and DeSorbo did not end up together.

“Now, I believe that I’ve become a stable person with or without you,” he told her on “Southern Charm” in December 2023. “I know that you got me there, but I really feel stable in myself to the point where, like, I could let you go. I would be really sad, but I wouldn’t freak out, if that makes sense.”

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