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Crystal Kung Minkoff Calls Out Dorit Kemsley: ‘I Dropped the Mic’

The drama between Crystal Kung Minkoff and Dorit Kemsley was heating up there for a couple of weeks, as Dorit remained silent in response to Crystal’s clapbacks. But for those who haven’t been keeping up with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, here’s the tea.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Calls Out Dorit Kemsley: 'I Dropped the Mic'

Recently, the Housewives’ recalled that Crystal said they weren’t “highly educated,” back in 2020. Dorit attempted to fire back, saying, “By the way, child bride, while you were busy getting married at 12, the rest of us were building business, graduating college, and doing things, you know, to educate ourselves.”

Viewers panned Dorit’s comment while Crystal took to Instagram to retaliate. She made a post listing the hallmarks of a good marriage, including the need to buy rather than borrow diamond necklaces. Crystal’s response had fans dying. Recently, she explained why she clapped back so intensely.


When Crystal spoke with Access Hollywood on Dorit’s “child bride” comment, she admitted, “I think it’s okay to clap back on this show. That’s what we do. I just felt like it was a loaded comment directed at me because half the girls got married younger than me. And other girls have married men with a wider age range.”

Crystal felt there was a pattern in certain comments being directed at her. As for the severity of her clapback, Crystal said, “Don’t bring Rob Minkoff into it … Rob’s the best. He’s just – he’s hip-hop Rob.” Crystal explained that she was “protective” of marriage as a topic, even explaining her general unwillingness to discuss Kyle Richards’ marriage.

“Clap back at me about education,” she encouraged, “You can call me stupid, you can call me whatever you want. But when you say ‘child bride,’ you’re actually insulting Rob … Come for me, don’t come for Rob.”

When asked if Dorit had any words about the drama at the reunion, Crystal confirmed, “She did not have any response to this … I dropped the mic and she didn’t know how to pick it up.”

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