Despite Having 9 Children Grow Up in Different Homes, Daughter Says Muhammad Ali Made Sure of Instilling Love Among All Her Siblings

Fame, wealth, and power: Muhammad Ali was able to achieve it all. He earned it all through his boxing skills and charisma that could charm everyone. This is one of the reasons that years after his death, even his past rivals talk about him with respect. However, helping others is what made Ali truly happy. He also put a lot of focus on instilling good values in his family.

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Muhammad Ali’s daughter Rasheda Ali and mother of Nico Ali Walsh recently appeared on the show UP-CLOSE on YouTube. There she revealed how Ali helped instill a harmonious and loving relationship between the 9 children from 4 different mothers. She shared how this has helped her with raising her own children.

The Legacy of Muhammad Ali: Inspiring sibling love and Unity

Rasheda Ali shed light on the close relationship between her two sons, Nico Ali Walsh and Biaggio Ali Walsh. When asked if she intentionally fostered their bond, she attributed the foundation of sibling love to her father’s influence. She expressed:

“It all started with my dad, who has been married four times, resulting in a large number of half-siblings. There are four of us from my dad’s second wife, but he also had children outside of his marriages and with his other wives. In total, there were nine of us. Even though we didn’t have the privilege of growing up together, my dad truly desired for us to develop love and understanding among ourselves. From a young age, he instilled in us the importance of cherishing our siblings.”

Drawing from the strong bond she shares with her twin sister Jamillah, Rasheda strategically planned the birth of her own children to be close in age, with a mere 22 months between them. She elaborated, “I wanted them to grow up close because I understand the significance of sibling bonds firsthand.”

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It is safe to say that Muhammad Ali’s influence rubbed off on her as Rasheda wants to ensure that her children cultivate a deep and lasting connection with each other, akin to the love her father encouraged among his children.

The significance of brotherhood: Nico and Biaggio Ali Walsh’s bond

The reporter then asked Rasheda if her sons, Nico and Biaggio Ali Walsh, understand the significance of their bond as brothers. She responded by saying that as they grow older, they understand the importance of their relationship with each other.

In an ideal world, Rasheda believes that her kids would prefer anonymity, allowing them to pursue their interests without public scrutiny. Adolescence and the transition into manhood are already challenging periods of life for her sons, and determining one’s path becomes even more daunting when weighed down by expectations and the legacy left behind by their grandfather who casts an imposing shadow.

Noticeably, both of Rasheda Ali’s sons followed in their grandfather’s footsteps into combat sports. Nico Ali Walsh is a professional boxer and Biaggio Ali Walsh is an MAA fighter. So, you can imagine the pressure that they are on to be as successful as their grandfather if not more.

Despite these obstacles, Rasheda admires the ability of her sons to handle the pressure associated with being related to Muhammad Ali. She commends them for embracing their circumstances and excelling as they learn and grow.


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