“Don’t Mind If Michael Jordan Don’t Want Me”: Isiah Thomas Ridiculing Scottie Pippen For Denying Him a Spot on Dream Team Resurfaces

The feud between Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan is one of the most infamous beefs in NBA history. The two never saw eye-to-eye and Thomas alleged that he missed out on the 1992 Olympics Dream Team because of MJ. At the same time, the former Pistons ball-handling wizard also disapproved of Scottie Pippen giving his opinion on Thomas’ inclusion in the team. Thomas would rather be ostracized by Jordan than Pip, considering the stature of the players.

In 2016, Open Court featured a clip of Scottie Pippen talking about Isiah Thomas’ exclusion from the Dream Team. When asked if MJ wanted Thomas on the team, in the 2012 Dream Team documentary, Pip replied, “I can’t speak for Michael[Jordan] but you know, I didn’t want him on the team”.

After these words, the camera cut to a disappointed Thomas who was appalled at Pippen’s audacity. He had a rather sharp reply to the 1995 steals leader.

“I don’t mind Michael Jordan saying, “I don’t want Isiah to be on the Dream Team”, I don’t mind if Larry Bird said,” I don’t want Isiah on the Dream Team”. But Scottie Pippen saying I don’t want Isiah to be on the Dream Team! Man, you can’t say nothing!” quipped Isiah Thomas.

Apart from that, IT and Ernie Johnson also engaged in a hilarious bit, with Ernie as a Therapist and Thomas as a patient enduring for 25 years how someone “below Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan” can decide his exclusion or inclusion from the heralded team. The Pistons legend thought that Pippen didn’t have enough credentials or star power to decide his selection in any team.

As a 6’1” Guard, Thomas was thriving in one of the toughest eras for guards in terms of physicality. He was a 12x NBA All-Star and made 3x All-NBA First Team. Apart from that, he enabled the Pistons to take down the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs, two best teams in the 1980s. He also denied Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen thrice in the Playoffs.

After beating the Lakers in the Finals, he also helped take down Clyde Drexler-led Portland Trail Blazers in 1990 and won the finals MVP. Therefore, IT’s exclusion from the Dream Team after he had won the MVP just a couple of years ago was shocking. Why did it have Pippen but not him? Did Jordan play a role in him missing out on the legendary squad during an alleged secret meeting?

Michael Jordan denies asking for Thomas to be out

During his 2020 docuseries ‘The Last Dance’, MJ reflected upon the narrative of him being responsible for Thomas’ absence from the Dream Team. Despite Jordan’s persistent hatred for him, he acknowledged Zeke as the best point guard behind Magic Johnson.

But when it came to him being responsible for Thomas’ exclusion, Jordan denied his role. However, despite denying his role in excluding him, MJ blasted the former Pistons guard. He opined that if Thomas was there, he’d have disrupted what he termed as the “best harmony”.
Meanwhile, Jordan’s two-time Finals rival and Dream Team member Karl Malone also denied Thomas’ exclusion being planned. In 2023, during a sit-down with Isiah Thomas, Malone confessed to not being involved in getting Isiah out. Malone pledged to his ancestors and his mother that there was no meeting designed to deny Thomas. Malone swore, “If it was a secret meeting to keep you off the team, it’s bull****.”

Not having Isiah Thomas on the Dream Team was indeed a mystery. Perhaps his reputation of being a dirty player with the Bad Boy Pistons had taken control of the narrative. But was it the reason for his absence?


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