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Dorit Kemsley Shares ‘Manipulative’ Text Message From Kyle Richards

Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards
Heavy/Getty Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 13 reunion begins airing on Wednesday, February 28. In a first look at the reunion shared on the Bravo YouTube channel on February 21, Dorit Kemsley accused her friend and co-star Kyle Richards of trying to “silence” her ahead of the reunion taping over text, and now more information has come out about their exchange.

In a reunion preview shared by the account Queens of Bravo on February 23, Kemsley is seen backstage preparing for the reunion and talking with her castmate Erika Jayne. “There’s stuff with Kyle and I that’s going on and it hurts and bothers me the most. You obviously saw in the press the things where she said I exaggerated our friendship. I haven’t heard from her in a couple of months. Then, she sends me a text yesterday basically trying to silence me. It was so manipulative, it was so calculated.”

Kemsley then showed the text to Jayne, who called it a “novel,” while producers flashed screenshots of the message on the screen for viewers to see.

Erika Jayne Reads Kyle Richards’ Text Message


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While the length of Richards’ text spanned multiple screenshots, Jayne read a snippet of it off of Kemsley’s phone while backstage on the reunion set.

“I’ve been wanting to reach out because I know we are in a weird place. Of course, some of the interview comments hurt my feelings and created issues. I don’t want to lose someone else in my life over a TV show. They don’t even know we are going through a hard time so I don’t see the need in bringing it up [at the reunion]. I would like to sit down and talk after we get through tomorrow,” Jayne read out loud, before agreeing with Kemsley that she would feel “manipulated” if she received the text.

In the full reunion sneak peek, Kemsley and Richards are seen fighting during the reunion show.

“You minimized our friendship to one trip,” Kemsley said, with Richards responding, “You knew that by saying something like that it was going to create a bigger problem for me in the media with the whole Morgan [Wade] situation.”

Kyle Richards is Not Sad to See RHOBH Season 13 End

After filming the reunion and watching the finale, which aired on February 21, Richards can’t wait to close the door on RHOBH season 13. “That’s a wrap on season 13! Can’t say I’m sad to see it end. Onto the next chapter ❤️,” Richards captioned a February 22 Instagram post featuring photos from her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” the night prior, following the finale.

Some of Richards’ co-stars were active in her comment section, with Jayne writing, “Absolute beauty and strength. 💗,” Garcelle Beauvais adding, “Beautiful,” and Crystal Kung Minkoff commenting, “Stunning.”

Despite her excitement to move past the lows that this season brought with her marital issues, friendship drama with her co-stars, and loss of her best friend Lorene, Richards also shared a message of gratitude for fans in a February 21 post.

“Tonight the season finale of #RHOBH! The White party is back 🤍 Thank you @sofistadium for allowing me the privilege of having this event at such an incredible place! Thank you @shishishikevinlee & @theprettymess for making this party extra special xx And thank you all for watching this season 🙏,” Richards wrote in the caption alongside photos from her biggest White Party yet.

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