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DWTS Fans React to Season 31 Competitor’s Controversial Message

A season 31 “Dancing with the Stars” contestant caused a stir with a recent social media post. Selma Blair, who danced with Sasha Farber during her short DWTS stint, was not shy in sharing her opinion on a controversial topic. As a result, she received backlash from other social media users who were not shy in sharing their takes in return.

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Here’s what you need to know:

Selma Blair’s Instagram Comment About ‘Terrorist Supporting Goons’ Didn’t Go Over Well

NBC News shared the details of Blair’s controversial remarks on February 9.

The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant had commented on an Instagram video shared by Abraham Hamra. The comment attracted a lot of attention but is no longer visible.

“Deport all these terrorist supporting goons,” Blair wrote. She continued, “Islam has destroyed Muslim countries and then they come here and destroy minds.”

Blair added, “They know they are liars. Twisted justifications. May they meet their fate.”

Criticism flooded social media as people learned of Blair’s comments.

“Selma Blair is yet another example that disability does not erase one’s bigotry,” one critic tweeted.

Many “Dancing with the Stars” fans shared their thoughts in the show’s subreddit.

“Welp, there goes my respect for Selma Blair. I have Jewish family. I also have Muslim family. She’s not recognizing that all people are people here,” one Redditor commented. That person continued, “In her own words, may she meet her own fate if she wishes the same on all others.”

“Yeah, no, that’s not just siding with Israel. That’s pure Islamophobia…Selma showed her true colors, and I’m no longer a fan,” added another Redditor.

That particular commenter, and several others, noted there are nuances involved with this conflict involving Israel, Hamas, and Palestinians. Specifically, that person noted, “My issue is with the IDF and their acts of terror against the Palestinians,” rather than with Judaism or Israelites.

The IDF refers to the Israel Defense Forces.

Someone else concurred. “Her inability to make the distinction shows how ignorant and simpleminded she must be.”

Many Fans Are Noting Their Disgust & Disappointment

“Unfortunately this isn’t a one time thing for her, apparently her Twitter is full of disgusting comments about BLM, immigrants and antifa. She’s been going off the deep end for a while but flying under the radar with these comments,” pointed out another “Dancing with the Stars” fan.

A different comment read, “Yeah I was really disappointed to see that she said this. This is hateful and only fuels the people who think the same as her to keep spreading more hate.”

“Disgusting. Imagine being this hateful,” declared someone else.

“She doesn’t even care to conceal her hateful speech, and makes it very clear she doesn’t discriminate. All muslims = bad, and she wants you to know that is exactly what she meant,” read another Reddit response.

Blair currently has commenting turned off for everything she has shared on Instagram since early November. Some critics, however, have found a November 1 post where commenting is open and shared their take on her controversial comments.

“I loved you as an actress from the minute you started. I was so upset when you shared your medical condition and I prayed for you. As a huge fan I was shattered to read your recent comments about Muslims. I expected better from you,” one fan wrote.

Another wrote, “You said the quiet thing out loud and now the world knows your true heart.”

“I would think after what you went through you had some compassion for all the kids and disabled in gaza, seems not ey,” added someone else.

“I used to feel sorrow for you and your story. Now I realize there is no longer a need for that. You reap what you sow I guess,” a separate Instagram comment read.

It appears that Blair has deleted or inactivated her X account at this point. As of this writing, she has not publicly addressed her controversial comments.

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