Emergency HQ


The Emergency HQ Mod Apk is a highly creative rescue simulation game that is full of exciting missions and tasks. Get ready to command and dispatch vehicles for medicine and crime management.
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It is a game of rescue modeling where you have to assume responsibility for emergency responders, from fire and rescue, security, SWAT, and tech support. Control activities in rescue, violence, health and crisis prevention, dispatching, and commanding equipment and staff. You are in charge of fire engines and you also have to supervise the emergency work in multiple emergency departments. It’s the responsibility to keep people safe during every event you’re reacting to.

Empower the fireman with something like a fire extinguisher or make an effort to attach the nozzle to the hydrant for extra capacity. Which survivor requires the medical assistance of the physician? Is the technician going to dismantle the device in time, or would you need to escape before anything blows up? Control personnel, Emergency responders, paramedics, physicians, law enforcement officers, and specialized rescue workers to protect wildlife, save people, tackle terrorism, and much more.

Create the basis and bring together a proper situation for rescue workers! Modify your fire engines, ambulance, other buildings, and structures, and extend your HQ. Using the Fire Force, the Ambulance Service, the Local Police, and the Professional Forces to manage several thrilling and demanding operations!

Features of Emergency HQ

  • Complex and difficult tasks on comprehensive charts
  • Get the advanced rescue vehicles of emergency departments to complete the missions
  • You have to take care of the different departments, including fire crews, security, EMTs, and technicians!
  • You also get a chance to evaluate your abilities against other Professional players
  • Team up to create survival collaboration with other participants
  • Join your supporting projects groups and make money
  • Get the smartphone edition of the game to enjoy different firefighting games
  • Keeping everyone safe is your objective and you can do anything to complete the mission
  • Use the SWAT squad in battling terrorism

Emergency HQ Mod Apk

The paramedic and emergency simulation gameplay of the game lets you enjoy the exciting missions. The Emergency HQ Mod Apk is a modified version of the original game that provides unlimited money and a wide range of new features. With its graphical and 3D templates, this modified version provides a radically unique experience.

You will be able to see fire-fighters, doctors and surgeons, technicians, policemen as well as other emergency responders at the Emergency Department station and deploy an operating crew to spot as soon as serious issues are identified. Emergency HQ Mod Apk has a tough, demanding duty for any unsafe incident in a town.

Features of Emergency HQ Mod Apk

  • There are different optimization techniques implied to increase the efficiency
  • Get unlimited money
  • Several bugs have been fixed
  • Mobile command center crane special
  • Fireboat unique Headquarters
  • A transfer station with specialized technicians

Emergency HQ Mod Apk Download

This is indeed an exciting game with outstanding visuals and 3d Modeling. This interesting game also has an interactive portion to collaborate with other active players. In addition, the gameplay is basic and logical, but situational awareness is important for the control of games. Click on the link to download Emergency HQ Mod Apk and contribute to completing these exciting tasks.