Every Time Kyle Richards Was a Bad Friend on RHOBH

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Kyle Richards is a known name on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Each season, Kyle talks about her close friendships with her co-stars. Every year though, one common takeaway has existed. Basically, if Kyle says that you and she are tight, are you really though?

Perhaps Kyle’s behaviors are intentional. Maybe she’s just creating storylines. Or, more likely, Kyle isn’t all that self-aware, and she doesn’t realize how her shady comments and actions have made others feel. Either way, Kyle’s interactions with her loved ones haven’t always been great, so let’s review the times that Kyle has treated her close friends poorly on RHOBH.

Kyle Shaded LVP Early On


When Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump were introduced in Season 1, Kyle claimed that she and Lisa were very close. Then, at their first reunion, Kyle decided to completely blindside her bestie. Here, Kyle called Lisa “calculated.” She then went one step further, saying that their friendship was like “playing chess with Bobby Fischer.”

Lisa was obviously hurt by Kyle’s words, so she chose to distance herself from Kyle in Season 2. Due to Lisa’s distancing, Kyle began slamming her friend via her confessionals. She also gossiped about Lisa out of frustration, as Lisa’s Season 1 grudge was too strong for her liking. Even still, Kyle wanted to present well, so she headed over to Lisa’s mansion in Season 2.

Here, Lisa asked Kyle to apologize, but Kyle refused, saying “Don’t tell me what to say.” Kyle didn’t care that her words had hurt LVP. It was sad to watch Kyle turn this narrative around on Lisa, not taking any accountability for hurting someone’s feelings. Also, if someone were truly your close friend, you wouldn’t have to ask them to apologize, they’d do so instinctively.

Kyle “Allegedly” Schemed To Take LVP Down, Twice


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In Season 4, Joyce Giraud alerted Lisa to an alleged storyline that was in the works. In this, Joyce confessed that one of their costars wanted to take Lisa down. Joyce then implied that Kyle was the housewife who was allegedly plotting this coup. Basically, this narrative saw members of this cast accusing Lisa, without evidence, of selling stories to the press.

Likewise, Joyce also claimed that Kyle had warned her about Lisa prior to the start of filming. “Kyle kept trying to talk bad about Lisa on my season,” she shared with Daily Mail. Unlike Kyle, Joyce was a true close friend, as her response of “I kept saying, I don’t see it,” proved.

In Season 9, we have another contrived storyline found in Puppygate. This one hurts our brains so we’ll keep it short. Basically, Lisa was once again accused by the annoying Fox Force Five of leaking stories to the press. As this storyline involved an innocent pup, and Lisa’s business, Lisa took a lie detector test on-air to help clear her name.

Even still, Kyle once again went to Lisa’s home, just to let her know that she and the rest of their cast believed her to be a narc. Insert Ken Todd loudly kicking Kyle out of their home with his now iconic “Goodbye Kyle” line. Tragically, Lisa was also dealing with the fallout from her brother’s death by suicide this season, so what she really needed that day in her kitchen was support, not this stupid storyline. This once close friendship officially bit the dust at this point.

Kyle Questioned Sutton’s Miscarriage


In Season 12, Diana Jenkins brought up her recent pregnancy loss. This caused Sutton Stracke to open up about her own painful miscarriages. Even though Diana wasn’t a receptive audience, Sutton still wanted her not to feel alone in her grief.

“I’m so sorry that you lost your baby. I’m just trying to reach out to you because I understand this in a way. I’ve lost two babies,” Sutton said to Diana. Sweet, right? Not for Kyle.

Kyle instead pushed Sutton’s shoulder back, so that Sutton would be facing her instead. She then questioned Sutton’s claims, which was vile. “I love you, but this feels like bullsh*t,” Kyle said, as Diana laughed. Naturally, Sutton became emotional, but instead of offering her close friend comfort, Kyle put her hands on Sutton, trying to make her cease speaking.

“She lost a baby. You did not,” Kyle said. In her confessional, Sutton expressed that Kyle had broken her heart, and disappointed her in their friendship.

Kyle Laughed When Erika Cursed at Garcelle’s Son


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In Season 12, a drunken Erika Jayne faced major backlash from the fans after cursing at Garcelle Beauvais’ 14-year-old son Jax. In a later scene, a sober Kyle and Dorit Kemsley shared a laugh with their husbands over this incident. While laughing, Kyle stated that it was nice to see this “more relaxed side” of Erika. Hey Kyle, a child was cursed at on national television, so here, you picked the wrong close friend to side with.

Thankfully, both Kyle and Erika later apologized.

Kyle Forgets Key Details and Mocks Her Friends


Kyle only seems to only remember narratives that pertain to self. You see, prior to Season 8, LVP had told the ladies a lot about her Nanny Kay. But during Season 8’s cast trip to Berlin, Kyle interrupted one of Lisa’s stories to ask “Who’s Nanny Kay?” Even Erika, who wasn’t close with LVP, knew who Nanny Kay was.

Something similar happened during Season 13. Here, the cast traveled to Barcelona with a grieving Sutton, who needed to spread her friend Merce’s ashes while in Spain. In one emotional scene, Kyle comforted Sutton on her friend’s passing. But in the next, Kyle poked fun at her supposed friend’s grief.

In a confessional, Kyle told the camera’s “I’ve never heard Merce’s name before this trip, but hey if [Sutton] wants to use this as an excuse to come to Spain and toss his ashes out and give us some flowers…”

Hopefully moving forward, Kyle can be as good of a friend behind someones back as she is in front of their person.

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