EXCLUSIVE: Susan Noles & Kathy Swarts Say Nothing Is Off Limits on New Podcast and Reveal Their Dream Guests

Going Golden!

EXCLUSIVE: Susan Noles & Kathy Swarts Say Nothing Is Off Limits on New  Podcast and Reveal Their Dream Guests

Bachelor Nation fans met Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts on Season 1 of “The Golden Bachelor” and while they didn’t receive Gerry Turner’s final rose, their friendship stole the hearts of America.

Now, the Bachelor Nation BFFs are teaming up to launch a brand new podcast called “Bachelor Happy Hour Golden Hour.”

On the pod, the castmates will be serving up words of wisdom about relationships, heartbreak, sex, and more with their decades of experience in the dating world.

Kathy and Susan will also be joined by some fan favorite Bachelor Nation stars, making it clear that no conversation topic is off limits for these two.

Check out our exclusive interview with Susan and Kathy about their new podcast below!

Bachelor Nation

Bachelor Nation: We are so excited about the “Bachelor Happy Hour Golden Hour” podcast! What can fans expect from you two?

Kathy Swarts: A lot of truth and a lot of humor!

Susan Noles: Oh boy, fans are in for a ride, but a good ride!

BN: We can’t wait! Do you usually have the same opinions about dating situations or different?

KS: Sometimes we have exactly the same perspective and sometimes we are north and south on opposite ends.

BN: And what about your dating lives, do you have any updates for us?

SN: We are definitely open to dates! We both are super open. However, fans promised that our DMs would be blowing up after the show and maybe these men have the wrong accounts or something because I haven’t gotten any. I want real DMs from real people!

KS: My email and my DMs are also noticeably silent. Crickets, lots of crickets!

SN: Same, though I did fall in love while watching “The Bachelor” this season. I fell in love with Kelsey A.’s dad. I get first dibs! I know all the girls are jumping in line, but I get first! I texted Kathy right in the middle of the episode as soon as I saw his face. He looks like a super nice guy. Maybe after the podcast, he’ll hear it and like my voice!

KS: We need to clone him so there’s one for each of us. Does he have a twin brother?

BN: Ha! Love it. Do you have any favorite dating advice you can tease before the podcast comes out?

KS: We both have said that the best dating advice is to be your authentic self and get up off your couch. You have to live this life! It’s a great ride, so take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Join activities because you will meet people and those people will know other people.

SN: If you stay at home, nobody is knocking on your door trying to date you. You have to get out and live! Even if it’s not for dating, just get out there and make friends and you’ll meet new people.

BN: That’s great advice. What about red flags? Are you good at catching them?

SN: I have made a lifetime of mistakes by ignoring the little red flags. I realized once I’m six or eight months into a relationship that I’m not happy. It’s because I ignored those little things. It’s not always necessarily big red flags you have to look for. Sometimes it’s something small and you think you can get over it because nobody is perfect and in the beginning you’re in that lust bubble, so you forget about those things. But they show up again!

KS: We try to turn red flags into white flags. We’ve all done it. If you meet someone and there is something that really bothers you, that’s a red flag and you can’t change it. Those small ones though are harder because relationships do require compromise, but they can sometimes be things that are deal breakers.

BN: Totally! Do either of you have any dream guests for your podcast?

SN: My dream guest is Kris Jenner! And how about Denzel Washington too, we can make it a dating podcast!

KS: I know who I want to interview, Taylor Swift! I would love that. Also, I’d love to talk to people from Bachelor Nation too. I would love to chat with Joey Graziadei. He is lovely.

BN: Those all sound like incredible dream guests! Last question for you two, are any topics off limits when it comes to what you’ll discuss on the podcast?

SN: Absolutely not! We’ll answer anything. You better believe it.

KS: We will really answer anything. What we’d like is for people to listen to our podcast and walk away with something that makes their day brighter and makes them feel empowered to get up and do something.

SN: Even if you don’t agree with something they say, let us know what you’re thinking. We want to talk about it. Seriously, nothing is off limits. Ask us anything, we want to talk about it. That’s why we’re here!

BN: We are so excited! Make sure to tune in to the first episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour Golden Hour” next Thursday, March 28th, on iHeartRadio or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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