Prime Video’s Fallout adaptation sparked impressive viewership numbers and dominated the streaming charts in its debut week. The show is based on Bethesda’s popular RPG series, following a lone survivor trekking the irradiated wastes of a long-destroyed America after emerging from the safety of an underground Vault. Led by Ella Purnell and Kyle MacLachlan, it also stars Aaron Clifton Moten as newly assigned Brotherhood of Steel Scribe Maximus and Walton Goggins as The Ghoul, a scarred gunslinger with a complex past.

The Wrap has reported that Fallout made an incredible impact on the streaming charts. In its first week, it achieved 1.5 million household views, allowing it to top Samba TV’s Weekly Wrap Report for April 8 to April 14. The Prime Video show surpassed FX’s acclaimed ongoing adaptation of Shogun, which firmly held strong at second place, continuing its firm foothold in the top 3 since its first episode debuted.

Will Prime Video Change Fallout Season 2’s Release Schedule?

Fallout Season 1 Released All At Once

The Ghoul chuckling mockingly in Fallout season 1

With Fallout becoming an incredible success for both Prime Video and Bethesda, who enjoyed both a boost in viewership and interest in the video games, there is a question of whether the streaming service made a mistake in releasing every episode at once. While The Boys and Invincible‘s releases have seen the service opt for a weekly release schedule, Fallout broke this trend with its binge-model release. Though it isn’t the only time Prime Video has dropped a show in a binge format, as seen with Good Omens, it’s worth wondering if season 2 could bring change.

As Fallout season 2 has been officially renewed and production is eyeing a new filming location in California, it is clear that Prime Video has recognized the potential the series can offer. As such, season 2 may shift to the weekly release model, allowing viewers to maintain their interest across a wider period and keep discussion going. This could also allow the audience to grow week to week, with word of mouth encouraging others to pick up the show at any time. With this potential shift in release format, the future is bright for Fallout.

Fallout is the latest in a list of video game adaptations that have succeeded in shaking off any long-held fears about bringing interactive worlds to the small screen. With Fallout managing to surpass a highly celebrated prestige TV series like Shogun, the subgenre has been able to prove itself as one that can offer some of the best tales around to viewers. While it may be some time until audiences return to the Wasteland, Fallout‘s success could lead executives to wonder what video game adaptation could continue this winning streak next.