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For The Valentine’s Day Grinch, Bravo’s Best Break-Ups

Scandoval isn’t the half of it! Bravo has featured many scandalous break-ups over the years, here’s the pick of the bunch

Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks smile at one another with broken heart surrounding them
Image by Jeff Chacon, Bravo

The Big Picture

  • Bravo’s reality shows feature outrageous break-ups that make for entertaining television.
  • Summer House’s Lindsay and Everett had an explosive breakup after discovering infidelity.
  • Austen from Southern Charm has a pattern of messy love triangles that have caused drama with multiple women.

Valentine’s Day is that time of year when we collectively gather together to celebrate love. Except, of course, for those among the Lonely Hearts Club. Or those uninterested in a massive corporate intrusion into love and romance. It’s the time of year to grumpily ignore all the pink and red hearts blossoming everywhere. That is an easier solution, at least, than going to therapy, which some of The Real Housewives definitely need. To create balance in the universe, there has to be those who oppose the revelry.

Bravo as a network is filled with over-the-top expressions of love on camera in their reality shows. And with a score of newcomers heading to the network, like casts on The Real Housewives of Atlanta get reshuffled, there is sure to be plenty more to come. Even if the cast isn’t excited about newcomers, viewers will be sure to tune in to see what the newbies have to offer. From outrageous proposals, to destination weddings and vow renewals, the network often features flamboyant declarations of love and affection. However, all that glitters isn’t gold, and sometimes the fever of renewed vows of love can eventually grow cold. For those who don’t care to partake in the celebration of love this time of year, here are examples of the messiest, nastiest, most outrageous break-ups featured on Bravo.

Summer House: Lindsay Hubbard & Everett Weston

The first season of Summer House introduced viewers to Bravo’s new line-up of mostly single New Yorkers getting together in the Hamptons to party each summer. Among the core group of friends, viewers met the indomitable, Lindsay Hubbard. Most recently, she has been going through the shock of co-star Carl Radke abruptly terminating their wedding last year, which will be featured in the upcoming season of Summer House. However, the PR specialist and then-boyfriend Everett Weston came into the share house as the only “couple” in the group, since Kyle Cook had yet to make it official with his on-again-off-again summer fling, Amanda Batula.

Lindsay and Everett’s hair-trigger tempers led to discord in the house weekend after weekend, to the point that Kyle ironically felt the need to attempt to instigate a “no couples in the house” rule. The fiery relationship came to a final close after it was revealed Everett had been creative with the details about whose bed he had slept in on a weekend when he had not returned to the share house after a night of partying. Finding out that Everett had been in bed with another woman, Lindsay pops off in the middle of the restaurant where they are having lunch, clapping her hands in Everett’s face and delivering the iconic exit line: “You know what? I’m going to go sleep at a guy’s house tonight. With a guy. In a bed. And how do you feel about that?” Lindsay’s volatile temper has led to many break-ups over the years deserving of recognition, but this memorable moment from season one certainly tops the list.

Southern Charm: Craig Conover & Naomie Olindo

Craig Conover has shocked the world by turning into the only lost boy on Southern Charm to successfully correct his course, and steer himself into adulthood. As Craig pointed out at the recent Southern Charm reunion for season nine, his company Sewing Down South has turned into an “eight-figure” business, with thirty employees who all have health insurance. It is an amazing achievement for any business owner but is especially satisfying to viewers who watched Craig founder as he was attempting to get through law school in the early seasons of Southern Charm. Craig’s transition from pursuing a career in law to becoming a sewing entrepreneur had several bumps along the way. Especially when it came to then-girlfriend Naomie Olindo, who interpreted Craig’s new interest in sewing as a way to distract himself from more gainfully employed pursuits. Craig’s initial lack of focus on his career path was the final straw in their relationship. At a baby shower the ex-couple both attended, Naomie and Craig attempted to reconcile their relationship troubles in a final conversation where Naomie once again attacked Craig’s new hobby: “You sit home, and you sew, and you pretend to do things.” To which Craig replies with an infamous line in Bravo history: “What’s wrong with my sewing?” Craig would eventually go on to prove that his relationship with sewing would truly go the distance, even if his relationship with Naomie could not.

Southern Charm, Summer House & Winter House: Austen Kroll & The Women He Dates

Southern Charm has featured several lost boys over the years. However, none have proven so toxic in the romance department as Trop Hopbeer founder Austen Kroll. Austen’s pattern of positioning romantic partners in messy love triangles, only for this to blow up spectacularly in his face, should be studied. His explosive break-ups in his on-again-off-again relationship with the southern spit-fire Madison Lecroy drove their friend group crazy for several seasons, wondering why the couple came back together in this toxic pattern. Early on in the relationship, Madison caught Austen in bed with another woman. The betrayal of trust was splashed across the internet as the home-recorded footage of her catching him in the act was released. They attempted to reconcile a few times after this initial betrayal, but ultimately they broke up for good in season seven. A newly single Austen moved on quickly, it seems, since his entrance into the new Bravo series Winter House included a newly minted love triangle between himself, Summer House alum Lindsay Hubbard, and Winter House newcomer, Ciara Miller.

The Ciara/Austen/Lindsay triangle carried into the next season of Summer House as well, when Austen was caught making out with Lindsay and Ciara during the same weekend at the share house. Austen’s patterns with love triangles initially were unknown to Ciara, who had to learn the hard way that what Austen says and what Austen does do not always match up or make sense. Which led to yet another love triangle when Ciara came to Charleston during season eight of Southern Charm and “hooked up” with Austen, even though he had been mooning over cast mate Olivia Flowers all season. Austen and Olivia would later become enmeshed in even another triangle, when it was revealed in season nine that he had also had an ill-defined hook-up with his best friend’s ex-girlfriend and Olivia’s close friend, Taylor Ann Green. Austen’s pattern of messy love triangles has landed him in hot water with every woman viewers have seen him romance over the tenure of his appearances on these Bravo shows. In season nine we see Austen engaging in therapy, in an attempt to address these toxic patterns, but there is a lot of love lost that Austen has yet to be held fully accountable for.

Heartbreak For ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’, ‘Atlanta,’ and ‘Beverly Hills’

The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice & Joe Giudice

In the divorce of Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe Giudice, the separation in their marriage was the least shocking part of the scandal. Although the couple worked hard to portray their life with their four daughters as being picture-perfect on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, viewers could see through the facade occasionally. Their marital troubles were highlighted in the reality series, especially in moments when Joe would forget he was wearing a microphone and would say incriminating things on camera. But their problems really started once both Joe and Teresa were charged with tax-evasion and fraud. Each had to serve jail time, with their sentences scheduled so that while one was serving time, the other was at home with their daughters. After Joe had served his sentence, he was deported back to Italy, and the couple ultimately filed for divorce. Joe has since moved to the Bahamas to be closer to his daughters, and is petitioning to be permitted to return to the United States. And Teresa has since moved on romantically, marrying the questionable Luis Ruelas and continuing to share their “love bubble” on social media and on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida

Viewers were first introduced to the immensely quotable Phaedra Parks as a pregnant newlywed with a confusing delivery date and relationship timeline on The Real Housewives of Atlanta season three. Her recent marriage to Apollo Nida was a source of gossip for the ladies at the time, who knew that he had once served time in prison for participating in a car theft ring. During season five, cast member Kenya Moore accused Apollo of sending inappropriate text messages to her, while Phaedra was adamant that it was actually Kenya who was inappropriately flirtatious with her husband. While Phaedra seemed convinced that her husband had turned to the straight and narrow path, in 2014 Apollo admitted to money laundering, bank fraud, and identity theft. In October of that year, Phaedra filed for divorce. As an attorney, Phaedra applied for and completed a divorce in 2016. However, due to Apollo’s objections, a judge reviewed the settlement and overturned the judgment the following year. This forced Phaedra to initiate the process again, extending the amount of time that her divorce drama would continue to be featured on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. The divorce was ultimately finalized in September 2017.

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: Erika Jayne Girardi & Tom Girardi

Erika Jayne Girardi joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as the much younger wife of legendary local attorney, Tom Girardi. At the time, Tom was a well-respected attorney, whose career had been profiled as inspiration for the film Erin Brokovich. When she first joined the series, Erika proudly described the love and support she had felt for Tom, as he married her when she was a struggling single mother and elevated her lifestyle significantly. Tom also proudly supported and financially bankrolled Erika’s sexy performance persona, Erika Jayne. However, there were also times throughout their appearances together on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when it was obvious that the marriage was very much on Tom’s terms. Things hit an abrupt snag in November 2020 when Erika filed for divorce from Tom, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Just one month later, rumors were circulating that the divorce was a facade to cover up for Tom having embezzled money from a settlement case between Boeing and the widows and orphans of victims in the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 crash. It was alleged that Tom kept the funds that had been sent to his law firm, Girardi Keese, and used them to support his and Erika’s lavish lifestyle. Their legal troubles continued for years, and their public image continued to take a hit, especially after the airing of the Hulu documentary The Housewife and The Hustler in June 2021. Erika claims that in light of Tom’s continued legal and health troubles, she remains in no rush to press for an official divorce. However, she considers herself single even if she is still technically married.

Working For A Living, But Losing Love On ‘Married To Medicine’ & ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Married To Medicine: Quad Webb & Dr. Gregory Lunceford

Quad Webb’s marriage to Dr. Gregory Lunceford on Married To Medicine was tumultuous from the start. In the first season, Quad alluded to one fight between the couple that escalated to the point that they both had to spend time in jail. Quad explained that she had been angry and in her anger she had thrown a bowl at her husband, and that he subsequently called the police. Their disagreements would often escalate in such a way, and even in calmer times, their communication was poor. Quad attempted several times to speak to Dr. Greg, who is a psychiatrist, about his emotional distance in the relationship. But his typical reaction was to either leave the conversation abruptly, or to pressure Quad about her refusal to start a family while she focused on her career. Things really hit a rocky point in season six, however, when Quad became aware of an alleged act of infidelity.

Dr. Greg admitted to accompanying a young woman to a hotel room, but claimed he was there with a friend, and that nothing happened between himself and the woman in question. However, Quad was provided a very different version of events by the young woman, who sent her side of the story to Quad in the form of a DM on Instagram. Both Dr. Greg and Quad alleged the other was physically abusive in the relationship. Quad applied for divorce in 2018, which was finalized in 2019. Her ex-husband now appears on Married To Medicine this season with his new wife, Lateasha “Sweet Tea” Lunceford.

Vanderpump Rules: Stassi Schroeder & Jax Taylor

The twisted relationship between Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor made for amazing television in the early seasons of Vanderpump Rules. Stassi’s mean-girl prep school background made her the perfect boss-bitch to torture Jax for several seasons, just as he tortured her with his virulent inability to stay faithful. Their first on-camera break-up occurred in the second episode of season one, after Stassi tells Jax she needs someone who is more mature and is a “good boyfriend.” During the first season of filming, rumors started to surround the on-again-off-again couple that Jax had allegedly cheated on Stassi during a boys’ trip in Las Vegas. At the end of the first season, he admitted that the rumors were true. The second season saw Jax’s efforts to woo Stassi back, including the ill-advised decision to have her signature tattooed on his arm. By the end of this season, Stassi played detective and confirmed that while Jax was professing his love for her and trying to win her back, he had also slept with her best friend, Kristen Doute, who was dating his best-friend at the time, Tom Sandoval.This led to the infamous slap heard around the Bravo-verse, as Stassi backhanded her friend once she finally confronted her about the betrayal. While Stassi and Kristen would eventually repair their friendship after time had passed, this was the final straw for her relationship with Jax.

Vanderpump Rules: Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval

While the events of #scandoval have been much discussed over the last year, what is less often talked about is the seeming parallels between the end of Tom’s relationship with Kristen, and the way he chose to “end” his nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix. Ariana came onto the scene as Scheana Shay’s best-friend who had been transferred from Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, Villa Blanca to join the team at Sur. While Tom was still dating Kristen, viewers started hearing him say how cool he thought their new bartender was. Ariana insisted throughout the season that she and Tom had only ever been friends and that nothing romantic had happened between them. However, Kristen eventually got them to confess that there had once been a drunken make-out during a trip to Las Vegas. Tom had convinced Ariana to lie about this hook-up, in order to keep the peace in his relationship with Kristen. Ariana and Tom made their relationship official at the season two reunion, after Tom had finally ended his relationship with Kristen.

“How you get them, is how you lose them” is one of the oldest adages for initiating a relationship with a man who is already taken. However, Tom and Ariana were smitten with each other for so long that they seemed to be an exception to the rule. When the eventual prolonged affair that he had been undertaking with costar Raquel Leviss was exposed in season ten of Vanderpump Rules, details would come out that Tom had even conducted the affair in the shared home that he convinced Arian to purchase with him. The level of betrayal was so intense, in part, because Ariana had always been authentic and honest about her struggles with mental health issues and Tom had worked so diligently over the years to convince her that he was someone she could trust. Ariana rode hard for both Raquel and Tom, and the betrayal was truly their loss. Tom Sandoval’s social credit is non-existent, after the fall-out from the affair affected not only his romantic relationships, but his friendships and businesses as well. While Ariana “I was born f—ing cool” Madix’s star continues to rise. She has countless endorsement deals, placed third in her season of Dancing With The Stars, and her run as Roxie Hart on Broadway has been a resounding success. Of all the broken-hearted comebacks on Bravo, Ariana’s is sure to remain at the top of the list for years to come.

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