Getting Over It


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This game released in October 2017 for Windows, and then subsequently, it came out on other platforms. It is genuinely a very frustrating yet enjoyable game that was downloaded by a whopping 2.7 million users at first.

Many players say that it is a tribute to Jazzuo’s game, ‘Sexy Hiking.’ Moreover, Bennett himself uses some wise lines from Jazzuo in the game as commentary. Great mysteries and prizes are there for the champions who reach the mountain peak. But it won’t be easy. Numerous people claim that it is one of the most challenging and most infuriating game ever created.

How to Play Getting Over it?

Your character is trapped in a pot and is equipped with a hammer.
Climb an extremely steep mountain using this hammer.
Tackle obstacles on the way by jumping over them.
You may lose your progress after a certain number of lives are lost.
A magical reward is awaiting you at the top of this very steep and forbidden mountain.
There is a voice-over commentary of Bennett Foddy while you go through the monumental task of climbing.

The gameplay of Getting Over it

Getting over it revolves around a man known by Diogenes’s name, who resides in a large metal pot. He wields a metal hammer, which is his only hope of traversing a tricky steep mountain. The objective of the Getting Over It game is to get him at the peak. Using the mouse or trackpad, the player has to attempt to get the man’s upper body to the top by controlling the sledgehammer’s movements.

The game’s difficulty increases with the altitude increase. Moreover, there are no checkpoints in the game. Thus, the player is at risk of losing some or all of his/her progress. The player has completed the game when the man reaches the game’s highest point, aka space.

The player is then redirected to an elite chatroom with other players who beat the game on completion. Well, you need to download the game first to be a part of the group!

Features of the Getting Over it mod APK free

On the ownership of this mod, you will every single aspect of this game.
Everything is open: Yes, you read it right. Our new mod will open everything up for you. Moreover, the gameplay physics are also modified in this mod.
Infinite lives: You need not worry about progress loss. We give the user unlimited lives with this exquisite mod. So, push for the summit, and whatever you do, don’t look back!

It is truly is the game for you if you like challenges. Getting over it is a highly challenging game. Hence, it is one of the most downloaded games on Steam. Players all over the world look for a challenge and get this game. So, why are you waiting? Download the Getting Over It mod APK free now! You can also get a Getting Over it Mod apk download for PC. It is open for all platforms. Click here and enjoy!