Heavyweight Legend Mike Tyson Is Taking Heat After His Former Opponent Decided To Follow In His Footsteps At The Age Of 60

Donovan Ruddock announced his return at 59. The decision comes a couple of years after Tyson fought Roy Jones Jr., breaking records on Pay Per View.

Tyson is since being cited as the beginning of a new trend that resulted in another of his rivals, Evander Holyfield, getting KO’d in one round.

Fast forward to 2023, and two former champions will lock horns on Triller next month. It’s a controversial clash that seems to be skating over one vital point. The two competitors have a combined age of 114 years.

Heavyweight oldies fight

Ruddock and James Toney will compete in an exhibition in Jamaica. However, the headliner has a distinct waft of ‘why’ running through the build-up.

Who would actively want to pay to see two over-the-hill but once-great heavyweight fighters trade blows is another question that wasn’t answered.

The man staging the event on Triller Sports was obviously in a promotional frame of mind when discussing the fight.

“Triller is extremely excited heading down the final stretch into the Rumble in the Sun with the phenomenal legends of Razor Ruddock and James Toney,” said David Tetreault.

“Working with the fight’s promoter, Red Ground Productions, has been an amazing experience. We look forward to a long-standing partnership into the future.”

Combined age of 114

A quick look through the press release for the fight shows no mention of either of the fighter’s ages.

It’s questionable what kind of spectacle the pair can put on, especially after witnessing the disastrous return of Holyfield at 58.

Holyfield was taken out in one round by UFC star Vitor Belfort. The quickfire battering bred more wonderment as to why some networks continue to televise this kind of event.

“Razor” Ruddock, who is two months shy of the big six-o, says he’s doing it for the kids in Jamaica. Meanwhile, Toney, 55, is probably just hoping to be able to get through the bout without causing himself any further damage.

“We are so excited that we have been able to host this event in Jamaica,” said Ruddock to the Jamaica Observer. “My dad has also been passionate about supporting the local boxing fraternity.

“He believes in developing young people and allowing them to showcase their talents at Rumble in the Sun.”

Furthermore, how the youth of Jamaica will learn from watching two past their prime former athletes try to get through a couple of rounds without gassing out is anyone’s guess.

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