How Teresa Giudice Could Improve Her Reputation On RHONJ Season 14

Teresa Giudice
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Teresa Giudice is the villain of all villains, to some. Especially when it comes to ruling over the Real Housewives of New Jersey. As the OG, Teresa often feels like she is entitled to a few things. Respect, absolute loyalty, and no damn sprinkle cookies. However, her reputation of flipping tables now precedes her as she has started to come off as a major bully. With Season 14 set to premiere soon, there are a few things Teresa can do to improve her overall image. And while I doubt she will take my advice, it honestly wouldn’t hurt for her to turn over a new leaf.

Treat Others the Way You Want To Be Treated

Teresa Giudice/Instagram

The premise isn’t lost on me: Teresa often walks around like a bull in a china shop, breaking friendships wherever she goes. Rarely does she ever try to repair them, as she often feels that trait shows weakness. However, there is something to be said about treating others kindly. Many learn how to treat Teresa from how she interacts with her family and friends. If Teresa took the time to treat Joe Gorga and others with some form of decency, it would go a long way to show she has learned from her past indiscretions.

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything at All

Teresa Giudice/Instagram

It is a simple adage that Thumper once said, but Teresa could learn a lot from the wee rabbit. More than once, the mother of four has been caught up in her lies that have backfired on her. Who could forget when she tried to set up Melissa Gorga by spreading rumors that she was once a stripper and not a school teacher? Tre has also tried to lie to her own brother, claiming his wife had cheated on him. Further, she attempted to take her fellow co-stars down, often spreading vicious lies that don’t add up.

Teresa’s reputation is hanging by a thread, with many, like her sister-in-law, now refusing to film or interact with her. If she could keep her mouth and nasty words under control, it could potentially make a huge difference for Season 14, but I doubt Teresa is capable of such a feat.

Become a Better Listener

Teresa Giudice/Instagram

You know how Tre wants us to tune in and listen to her podcast? Well, I am pretty sure she doesn’t know the meaning of having open ears. With all the chatter that goes from her brain and out of her mouth, she could do with some lessons in listening. For Season 14, if Teresa took the approach to concentrate on what others are saying, it would help her not jump to conclusions. Currently, Tre doesn’t care enough to look into or listen to other’s opinions, and her constant stirring, gaslighting, manipulating, and never taking responsibility are taking their toll on viewers. Someone needs to tell the OG that you get what you put into relationships; currently, she is on empty regarding solid bonds.

Stop Being Fake

Teresa Giudice/Instagram

There are a few things about Tre that are slightly off. Her alleged faux designer wardrobe, her gold-plated “Cartier” accessories, her extensions, her tan, you get the jist. So, at what point do you forget who you were before the ego took over? If Teresa could strip back her facade and bare it all, it could go a long way to improve her image with viewers and the cast.

No one really knows who Teresa is anymore. I think one of the most telling moments was when Melissa called out Teresa for writing cookbooks when she didn’t even cook. Viewers quickly learned that Teresa’s mother often came over and did batch cooking. I mean, if you can lie about meal prep, you’re pretty much capable of anything. It would just be a nice change of pace for Teresa to calm down, but I assume being married to a human blueberry probably won’t help. No amount of namaste will keep the lid on this Jersey girl.

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