“I Am Mісhаel Jordаn Wіthout the Money”: Dаnіel Cormіer Hіlаrіouѕly Comраreѕ Hіmѕelf to NBA Legend for Jugglіng Buѕy Sсhedule - Apkcombat

“I Am Mісhаel Jordаn Wіthout the Money”: Dаnіel Cormіer Hіlаrіouѕly Comраreѕ Hіmѕelf to NBA Legend for Jugglіng Buѕy Sсhedule

Most fans may not know, but there is a similarity between the noted NBA icon, Michael Jordan, and the former UFC champ-champ, Daniel Cormier. Several sporting stars like ‘His Airness’ take an interest in the sport of golf just for recreational purposes. Cormier recently revealed that he was into golfing as well, just like Jordan. However, the former champ-champ also pointed out a stark difference between him and Jordan in the recent ESPN MMA video, where he compared his affinity towards golfing.

Fans may have been through several witty comparisons from the former champ-champ, Cormier. This one, where he compared himself to the noted NBA legend, Jordan, may be taken as an example of his lively nature. Cormier said,

“I’m Michael Jordan, without the money and the championships”

However, the timing at which Cormier decides to go for a game of golf also bears similarity with a Michael Jordan incident. It also won’t be wrong to say that this incident showcases Jordan’s mentality of never leaving the field until he wins.

Michael Jordan made Chuck Daly play golf at the time when Daniel Cormier plays

Cormier’s conversation with the noted Pat McAfee revealed that the former champ-champ often elects to go for a game of golf after commentating in the UFC events. ‘DC’ detailed that he often attends a game of golf after the events that are held around the “west-coast” of the US. But the timing of these games might startle fans.

Cormier disclosed that the UFC events end at almost “1:00 am”, after which he goes golfing. But reports say that Jordan had also made his coach, Chuck Daly, play with him once at a similar time. Most fans may know that Daly was the coach of the 1992 Dream Team which won the Olympic gold of the year.

Initially, Jordan lost a game against Daly by one shot. But he was pounding on the coach’s room door on the dawn of the next morning, just because he wanted a rematch and wanted to settle the scores against Daly. Jordan was satisfied only after he defeated his coach in the match. Cormier doesn’t have a strong reason like Jordan to start playing at such an awkward time of the day. But it’s probably his schedule that leaves him with no other option.

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