“I Would Die in 5 Seconds”: Fans in “Lose Lose Situation” as YouTuber Asks Them to Make a Difficult Choice, Fight Mike Tyson or Approach a Girl While She’s With Her Friends - Apkcombat

“I Would Die in 5 Seconds”: Fans in “Lose Lose Situation” as YouTuber Asks Them to Make a Difficult Choice, Fight Mike Tyson or Approach a Girl While She’s With Her Friends

Persuading a cat to take a bath and someone to fight Mike Tyson are two impossible missions! However, David Ilesanmi, otherwise known as Onevilage on YouTube, has found a way to do the second one. Earlier today, Ilesanmi shared a short video on his channel asking people a difficult question that left the fans in a quandary, uncertain about what to do.

What’s the question? Well, it was a choose-your-own-adventure sort of question, as if it was as simple as Netflix or Hulu. Instead, it was either fighting ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ or approaching a girl when she was with her friends. While the bravest among the fans would have chosen the latter, Ilesanmi chose to shorten his lifespan. However, it begs the question – what did fans actually have to say?

Nobody wants to fight Mike besides this guy!

At first glance, it’s an easy question, really! Who would want to fight Mike? But Ilesanmi seems to get dizzy when it comes to talking to girls. So, he answered his own question, “Fight Mike Tyson or approach a girl while she’s with her friends.” In the clip, the popular YouTuber can be seen getting ready to face Mike, putting on the gloves with an intense beat in the background.

In retrospect, the individual who unwisely provoked Mike during a JetBlue flight to Florida in 2022 has, to this day, pursued legal action against Mike, citing enduring repercussions from the altercation. While one might assume this serves as a cautionary tale for anyone contemplating facing Mike, the unexpected responses from fans paint a different picture.

Fan predicts an early knockout from Mike Tyson

Despite the threat of utter destruction at the hands of the former heavyweight champion, not everyone was opposed to the idea of fighting Tyson. Meanwhile, others introduced a plot twist in the mix! One user decided to be honest, confessing he was getting knocked out. “Looks like I’m getting knocked out,” the user wrote.

Another user echoed the same opinion, suggesting the fight would end in five seconds with his death. “I would die in 5 seconds fighting Mike Tyson,” the user predicted.

Someone else highlighted the reality of the situation, claiming, “It’s Truly a Lose Lose Situation.”

The next user speculated that the YouTuber was still in a hospital because he chose to fight Iron Mike. “Legend says he is still on the hospital bed,” the user wrote.

While everyone saw death at the hands of Mike, this guy came up with a twist in the story. The user suggested Ilesanmi was actually putting on the gloves to punch out all the other girls instead of fighting Mike. The user wrote, “Plot twist: he’s actually punching every girl outta the way.”

Despite the threat of fighting Mike, most fans chose to fight him just to avoid talking to a girl while she was with her friends. However, the bigger question is – what would you do? Would you fight Mike?


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