“I’m a Felon, I Can’t Go to England”: Mike Tyson Makes a Plea While Calling Out John Fury

In the world of boxing, legends never really retire; they just find new battles. Imagine Mike Tyson, issuing a public challenge. But not for himself. This time, it’s for his friend, aimed at John Fury. Yes, the same John who once dared to call out Tyson. The twist? Tyson can’t witness it in England, thanks to his past.

Why would a former heavyweight champion want to settle scores through a friend? And why bring Russell Crowe into this? Most important of all, will Fury accept this challenge?

Would Mike Tyson get to see this fight?

Mike Tyson, with a blend of seriousness and challenge in his tone, makes his stance clear. “John Fury, you got my friend Joe Egan really mad at you saying you wanted to fight me,” Tyson states, highlighting the brewing tension. He adds a twist involving a celebrity, “and he also told me that you told Russell Crowe that he was a fraud.” The intrigue deepens as Tyson reveals, “So, Joe Egan is looking for John Fury, okay?”

Despite the call for a confrontation, Tyson faces a legal barrier, “and if I am able to see that fight, I hope it’s not in England because I’m a felon, I can’t go to England.” Yet, his determination is palpable, “But he’s coming for you, John Fury, for my honor.”

Joe Egan, emerging from a hiatus, throws his hat into the ring, eager for a comeback. Having previously declared his readiness for “one last hurrah,” Egan targets John Fury, a move that stirs the pot further. Egan’s decision to step out of retirement and directly challenge Fury underscores the seriousness of the situation.

But what did Egan say? And how did Fury respond to it.

Is Saudi Arabia gearing up for another epic showdown?

Joe Egan ignited the conversation with a bold proclamation. “Hello everyone. I have one last hurrah in me. I haven’t fought in over 20 years,” Egan declared according to The Sun, setting the stage for an epic encounter. He extended a direct challenge to John Fury, acknowledging their shared warrior spirit.

“John Fury is my friend and he is a good fighting man, same as myself, a good fighting man and I think the two of us would have a great boxing match,” Egan proposed, envisioning a grand spectacle in Saudi Arabia.

“Out in Saudi let’s show them YouTubers and them Saudi royals how two old warriors can perform.” In stark contrast, John Fury’s response was dismissive, “Not interested in talking about those people. Can we move on please?” A terse reply that only added fuel to the fire of anticipation.


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