“Insanely Lean for a Heavyweight”: Almost 7 Years After His Death, Boxing World Stunned After Learning Muhammad Ali’s Weight During His Fighting Days

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali was the kind of person that appears once in a generation. Not only was the former heavyweight champion one of the best boxers ever, but his impact reached far beyond the sport of boxing and helped shape the sport into what it is today with legends like Mike Tyson worshipping the former champion to this day. However, Ali was not always touted to be a successful boxer.

When it comes to heavyweight boxers, size, and power often dominate the conversation. However, Ali defied the norms and expectations of his time. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches tall, he possessed a lean and sculpted physique that was not commonly seen among heavyweight fighters. This often surprised fans and experts alike as many were not used to seeing leaner and faster heavyweights. Despite his towering presence, he typically weighed around 212 to 214 pounds.

Ali’s lean physique provided him with several advantages in the ring. His speed and agility were unmatched, allowing him to move swiftly around the ring. Moreover, his footwork, characterized by the signature ‘Ali Shuffle,’ enabled him to create angles and evade punches with remarkable ease.

Even years after his passing, the boxing world remains stunned by ‘The People’s Champ’s’ weight during his fighting days. In addition, a resurfaced picture of him in his prime fighting days has taken over the internet with many fans still shocked seeing the former champion in peak physical condition.

Fans stunned as a picture of Muhammad Ali during his prime resurfaces


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A user named Jon Bovi stated that Ali looked very lean for a heavyweight boxer. “Insanely lean for a heavyweight too,” he wrote. Another user named Paul Lee Webber revealed that Ali weighed in at 209 to 226 pounds but was in the best condition at 212 pounds when he fought Cleveland Williams in 1966. “Ali go at 209-226. I would say 212lbs his best optimum vs Cleveland Williams,” he wrote.

A user named Stacy L. Rust claimed that Ali’s discipline was unmatched which is why many regard him as the ‘GOAT. “He stay on point his production his discipline is why he is highly regarded as the GOAT,” she wrote. Moreover, a user named Humberto Tamayo was in awe of the former champion’s athletic abilities. “Pure Athlete,” he wrote.

One user praised Ali for sacrificing so much for his community and prayed for him as well. “May God bless Ali. He sacrificed so much for his beliefs and didn’t let the money dictate to him,” he wrote.

Ali will forever be remembered as not only a boxing icon but also as a pioneer who pushed the boundaries and redefined what it meant to be a heavyweight fighter. Moreover, even to this day he still captivates people from across the world with his fighting style serving as a testament to his enduring legacy.


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