Inside ‘RHONJ’ star Margaret Josephs’ opulent, Old Hollywood-inspired $2 million home

She brings the power, the pigtails, the party and the opulence.

Margaret Josephs invited Page Six inside her $2 million home in Englewood, NJ, for an exclusive tour.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star — who shared that she adores maximalism, colors, patterns and the Hollywood Regency aesthetic — steered clear of simple decor when designing her and her husband Joe Benigno’s gothic pad, which was built in 1906 and they bought in 2016.

Margaret Josephs on her pool table.

Margaret Josephs gave Page Six a tour of her Hollywood Regency-style home in New Jersey. Brian Zak/NY Post

Margaret Josephs' New Jersey home.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star created a maximalist oasis inspired by Old Hollywood. Brian Zak/NY Post

Margaret Josephs in her kitchen.

Her kitchen has marble counters and brass hardware. Brian Zak/NY Post

The Bravolebrity completely transformed her kitchen, which she told us was originally “split in two” thanks to a large chimney she has since removed.

“I love this kitchen. I love stone. I love mixing prints and patterns,” she said. “Some people are like, ‘Oh my God, there’s too much going on in this kitchen,’ but not for me.”

The mid-century modern kitchen features spanning white and gray marble countertops, coordinating floor tiles, gray-blue cabinetry with brass hardware and a built-in coffee maker — which Josephs calls her “prized possession.”

Margaret Josephs's kitchen.

The floor tiles match the moody cabinets. Brian Zak/NY Post

Margaret Josephs' fridge.

Her refrigerator is filled with creamers. Brian Zak/NY Post

Margaret Josephs' fridge.

“I will never run out of creamer,” she assured us. Brian Zak/NY Post

“I drink coffee constantly,” she said, showing the inside of her stainless steel refrigerator, which contains just about every flavor of Coffee Mate creamer one could imagine.

“I will never run out of creamer,” she added, joking that it is her vice.

The reality star also has a beverage drawer filled solely with Acqua Panna water bottles and her own sparkling mocktail brand, Soirée.

Margaret Josephs' living room.

Josephs fell in love with her living room when she bought her home. Brian Zak/NY Post

Margaret Josephs' living room.

Black-and-white photographs line the walls. Brian Zak/NY Post

Josephs’ living room is her favorite in the Old Hollywood-inspired house — and the reason she purchased the home.

The hosting space features a billiard table and a baby grand piano that she got for free from the Armory in New York City despite admittedly having no idea how to play it.

She also purchased an orange Missoni-print couch that she had reupholstered with an animal print, noting that it is now her favorite piece of furniture in the abode.

Margaret Josephs in her living room.

She can mix up some drinks behind a luxurious marble bar area. Brian Zak/NY Post

Margaret Josephs' living room.

She had her couch reupholstered with animal print. Brian Zak/NY Post

Margaret Josephs' living room.

Josephs likes to accentuate a room with coffee table books. Brian Zak/NY Post

Josephs said she loves the living room’s wallpaper, which her husband installed with his bare hands.

Also adorning the walls is a collection of black-and-white photos of Old Hollywood stars surrounding a gold-frame mirror as well as a taxidermy display. For hosting purposes, the room has a beautiful marble bar area.

Josephs told us that she likes to fill her home with one-of-a-kind pieces and often finds furniture at estate sales.

Margaret Josephs in her dining room.

Her dining room is decorated with Gray Malin photography. Brian Zak/NY Post

Margaret Josephs' dining room.

Josephs’ husband, Joe Benigno, made their dining room table. Brian Zak/NY Post

Her dining room is equally as spectacular, including a Restoration Hardware credenza, photographs by Gray Malin, and a live edge dining table with lucite legs made by Benigno.

“This table is very special to me, and I’m never going to get rid of it,” she shared. “When we first got together, I saw a live edge table, and I was like, ‘I have to have that table,’ and it was, like, $25,000 or something, and he was like, ‘Marge you’re not spending that, I’ll make it for you.’”

She continued, “It has a feeling of natural mixed with modern ’70s, so I just adore it.”

Margaret Josephs' dining room.

Josephs goes for a maximalist look in every room.

Margaret Josephs' dining room.

She is specifically obsessed with wallpaper. Brian Zak/NY Post

Josephs also enjoys “anything quirky” and using coffee table books because she loves to be “transported.”

“If you’re ever looking to update your home or give a great hostess gift, a coffee table gift is the best thing to do,” she advised.

When it’s time to get down to business, the fashion designer works out of her bright pink office space to keep her inspired.

Margaret Josephs' office.

The reality star’s office is bright pink. Brian Zak/NY Post

“I needed it bright, fun,” she explained, adding that the wallpaper reminds her of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Josephs said her office is “right off the kitchen” so food is easy to access, and she also has a Peloton near her desk in case she wants to fit in a workout.

“My Barbie wreath was custom-made for me by Parker Kennedy,” she shared. “I adore Barbie. I have Barbie photos up there. When I look at [the wreath], I just get so happy.”

Margaret Josephs in her office.

Josephs said the colors keep her inspired when she works. Brian Zak/NY Post

Margaret Josephs in her office.

Parker Kennedy made her Barbie wreath.

Josephs enjoys being in her library during the fall and winter seasons.

“We curl up in here [and] read a book,” she said. “It’s just a great room. It’s a dark, sexy little room.”

The alluring reading room is filled with shelves of leather-bound books gifted to her by her mom, Marge Sr., when she was a child.

Margaret Josephs' library.

“It’s just a great room. It’s a dark, sexy little room,” Josephs said of her library. Brian Zak/NY Post

“They are all first-edition classic books,” she noted. “So if you want to read the classics, come to the Marge’s library.”

On display in her library, there is a custom Swarovski crystal-encrusted can of tuna gifted to her by Chicken of the Sea when she wrote her 2021 book, “Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget.”

Josephs keeps all her designer clothes in a massive, color-coordinated closet, which she frequently organizes to prevent overcrowding.

Margaret Josephs' closet.

The fashion designer’s closet is massive and features a special drawer just for her gold shoes.

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“I’m not a hoarder when it comes to my clothes,” she said. “I like to edit, edit, edit. Get rid of stuff, donate, recycle, give away. I’m very big with that.”

The “Housewife” also has an entire drawer filled with gold shoes, including her favorite Tom Ford heels she wore during a “RHONJ” reunion episode.

Attached to her walk-in wardrobe is Josephs’ primary bathroom, which features marble detailing and gold accents.

Margaret Josephs' bathroom.

Josephs has a large shower in her primary bathroom so she can wash up with her husband. Brian Zak/NY Post

“It’s our little sanctuary for me and Joe,” she said of the windowless washroom. “A lot of people know that Joe and I shower together, so it was important that we had double shower heads, which I thought was so funny.”

As for her home’s guest bathroom, Josephs wanted visitors to feel a ’70s club vibe.

“I wanted this little powder room to feel like you are going into a nightclub — dark, sexy,” she told us. “Everyone’s like, ‘I can’t see myself peeing,’ but I’m like, ‘It’s OK. You know what? Just try not to pee on the floor.’”

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