This article contains spoilers from The Bachelor season 28 finale.

The Bachelor alum Jason Tartick may not have been a part of Joey Graziadei’s journey for love, but he accidentally revealed the winner of The Bachelor season 28 in a recent episode of his podcast. Jason, who originally appeared on The Bachelorette season 14 in competition for Becca Kufrin’s affection, ultimately wound up romantically involved with The Bachelorette season 11 star Kaitlyn Bristowe for years before the couple called it quits in 2023. The host of his own financial literacy podcast, Jason does include some Bachelor Nation involvement in his podcast, including interviews with past and present contestants.

According to u/livelovehikeaz on Reddit, Jason revealed he would be interviewing Joey and Kelsey Anderson on an upcoming episode of his podcast. Though he didn’t directly say she was the winner, the announcement made it clear that Kelsey is Joey’s final pick. While it could be possible that Joey’s choice is another finalist from The Bachelor season 28, it’s unlikely that the lead would appear on a press tour with anyone but the last woman standing. In trying to promote the interview, Jason had a slip that has since been edited out of the episode to hide the spoiler.

“We will have Joey and Kelsey from The Bachelor on [Trading Secrets]”

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Joey & Kelsey’s Bachelor Journey Explained

The Bachelor Season 28's Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei Making A Toast

While Joey’s winner pick was originally reported to be Daisy Kent, things have changed in the Bachelor Nation community as spoilers have shifted to reflect a different outcome. While Kelsey, who is originally form New Orleans, Louisiana, hasn’t been as heavily featured on the series, it’s clear that Joey’s felt a connection with her from early on in the season. The Bachelor season 28 has featured a range of different women, from those who were there to search for fame to those who were there to see if a connection with Joey was the right one for their future.

Joey’s connection with Kelsey has been sweet and slow, which can be a benefit on The Bachelor. While the drama of the season has revolved around the other women in the cast, Kelsey has been able to navigate the series somewhat easily. She’s been open with Joey and vulnerable about her past, which has made it clear that she’s serious about a relationship with him. Revealing some of the most painful parts of her life, Kelsey has done a great job in sharing who she truly is with Joey while, at the same time, ensuring that she’s keeping herself guarded.

With Jason accidentally spilling about who the likely winner of The Bachelor season 28 is on his podcast, many are speculating about the other dramatic pieces of the endgame that could come out. The earliest moments of Joey’s time as the lead showed him crying on a beach during his final rose ceremony, which many are hopeful means there’s still quite a bit of drama to come. While Joey seems to be getting a happy ending with Kelsey, it’s likely The Bachelor season 28 still has an interesting amount of drama up its sleeve.