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Jenelle Evans Reacts to Pregnancy Speculation

Jenelle Evans.

Heavy/Getty Jenelle Evans.

“Teen Mom” personality Jenelle Evans is reacting to rumors that she is pregnant with her fourth child.

On March 24, Evans, who is currently separated from her second husband, David Eason, encouraged fans to ask her questions on her Instagram Stories. Several Instagram users shared they wanted Evans to address rumors that she is expecting another child. As fans are aware, Evans has two sons, Jace and Kaiser, and a daughter, Ensley.

“Are you really pregnant? I seen [sic] it on Facebook but ik how people make things up a lot,” commented one fan.

Another commenter wrote, “I just saw a headline saying baby #4???”

Evans replied to both social media users that she is not pregnant. She also noted that she has undergone a tubal ligation to prevent future pregnancies.

When another Instagram user asked, “Are you pregnant again,” she responded, “Yall [sic] wish I was pregnant lmao how many people are going to ask me this?!!!!”

“Stop trying to jinx me!” continued the MTV personality.

Jenelle Evans Discussed Taking Care of Her Children

Evans shared information about being a single mother to three children on her Instagram Stories. On March 24, she uploaded a question from a fan, which read, “How do you care for your dogs and that big house plus kids plus everything else?” Evans replied that her children help with managing their household.

“The kids have chores and we have a stable scheduled [sic] that works for our family. Everyone knows their responsibilities base[d] on their ages. Kids go to school and that’s when I conquer the house cleaning,” shared the mother of three.

Jenelle Evans Filed for Separation in February 2024

The U.S. Sun reported that Evans announced her legal separation in February 2024. According to case documents, Evans split from Eason for several reasons, including having concerns about his alcohol consumption and how he handles finances.

“Defendant has further committed marital misconduct in that he excessively uses alcohol and has not maintained consistent full-time employment for a number of years, has recklessly spent the party’s money which plaintiff solely earns, and in other ways to be shown at trial,” read a portion of the court documents, per The U.S. Sun.

The ‘Teen Mom’ Star Discussed the Process of Divorcing David Eason

In a March 6 TikTok video, Evans addressed a social media user who wanted to know her reasoning behind not “just go[ing] straight for divorce,” instead of separating from Eason, who fathered her youngest child, Ensley. She stated that North Carolina laws have prevented her from immediately divorcing her second husband.

“I would have skipped straight to divorce but I couldn’t. Because in the state of North Carolina, you have to be legally separated for a year. You have to prove that you have two separate addresses,” said Evans.

Jenelle Evans Stated Someone Used Her Information on a Dating App

In a March 16 TikTok video, Evans stated someone used her information to make a profile on the dating app, Hinge. She said while she is “not currently on any dating apps,” she received “a code request to finish [her] profile for Hinge” on her phone.

“I’m not on there. Don’t know who’s using my phone number to start a dating profile. But maybe someone is trying to hack accounts or something,” said Evans. “And then they find out I don’t have an account. I don’t know. It’s really funny. But whoever is doing that, I know about it.”

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