Jennifer Aydin Has Been Nothing But Trouble on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’

Since she joined ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey,’ Jennifer Aydin has stirred the pot, making her a villain on the show but rarely held accountable

Jennifer Aydin with devil ear headband with her 'RHONJ' co-stars behind her
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The Big Picture

  • Jennifer Aydin thrives on drama, often taking unnecessary sides and stirring trouble.
  • She has a history of drunken antics, creating conflict with her cast mates and causing chaos.
  • Despite facing personal struggles, Jennifer Aydin refuses to take accountability and continues to play the villain.

Since she arrived on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer Aydin has become the antagonist who loves to stir the pot. She turned into Teresa Giudice’s lackey. She has played a role in almost everyone’s personal drama and never understood why she needed to take accountability. Even when she was going through truly personal problems with her past, it seemed harder to garner any sympathy as she continued to spew hatred toward her perceived enemies who tried to be a shoulder to lean on. With reports of a physical altercation during the filming of Season 14 and a history of drunken antics season after season, as much as she makes good television, she is the true villain of the reality franchise.

In 2018, Jennifer Aydin joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She came in as a bit of a ditz but eager to share her lavish lifestyle and home with anyone who would listen. Good thing the cameras were following her every move, as sometimes her braggadocious aura was for the cameras only. The wife to plastic surgeon Bill Aydin and mother to five beautiful children, Jennifer Aydin had moments to share her life at home, but her main narrative quickly turned into trying to fit in with the other ladies all while doing everything she could to be Teresa’s right-hand woman.And with Teresa, drama follows. Thus, becoming her lapdog, Jen Aydin soon took the heat for Teresa and painted herself the official villain of the franchise.

Jennifer Aydin Brings the Drama for All the Wrong Reasons

To call Jen Aydin a drama queen is an understatement. You almost have to wonder if she just loves the sound of her voice when she screams across the table. When it comes to drama, Jen brings it for all the wrong reasons. Whether she’s trying to be just like her, Jen’s main loyalty has been to Teresa, and will forever side with her, even if it means hurting other relationships. When it comes to the battle between the Gorgas and the Giudices, Jen will gladly side with Teresa, even adding her two cents when it’s not necessary. Jen has always found a way to insert herself into the situation by hurling accusations and instigating that she hears rumors and stories that may not have actual validity. One of the many moments included instigating that Margaret Josephs’ friend Michelle came onto the show to claim that Joe Gorga doesn’t pay for work that gets done.

At the reunion, both Margaret and Melissa Gorga took the moment to deny the allegations. The battle with the Gorgas hit a peak moment on the show when Jen took to social media to call the Gorgas crooked. The situation exploded at the Jersey Shore when the discussion of the insult led to, insulting Joe further, calling him a “little bitch girl” for inserting himself into the situation. And then, a physical altercation between Melissa and Jen ensued. But the worst part? Jen’s husband was watching from the side, not coming to her defense at all. Needless to say, this was not a positive Jersey Shore getaway. And this was not the first time Melissa and Jen had had an altercation. While vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, a heated dinner argument led to a glass being tossed in Melissa’s direction. Upon accusing Jen and former HousewifeDanielle Staub that it came from one of them, Jen took offense, claimed she’d know if it was her, and then ended up smashing a glass on the table and brandishing it toward Melissa. To say it was a dangerous situation would truly minimize the actions.

The drama that Jennifer Aydin brings to the show has somehow seeped out of filming and into the real world. Namely at BravoCon. During two back-to-back events, Jen was involved in two separate situations that Bravo’s head honcho Andy Cohen had to come out and say he was very disappointed in Jen. Too bad Jen feels that Andy is rude during most of their interactions. During BravoCon 2022, Jen was caught in a tussle with the Gorgas once again. This time she tossed a cup at Joe Gorga. During BravoCon 2023, Jen had an unfortunate interaction with a fan asking a question at a panel. When the guest asked Jen if she thought she could crawl any further up Teresa’s, well you get it. Jen retorted that the guest had no friends, misgendering them, and then calling them a waddling whale when they left. Regardless of the sensitivity of the question, Jen’s words were beyond offensive and out of line. And, of course, to make matters worse, she has defended her actions. Actions do have consequences, but does Jen realize the consequences for herself?

When it comes to having a good time, Jennifer Aydin will tell you she’s always having a great time. While there have been incidents throughout the Housewives franchise where cast members have experienced trials and tribulations regarding alcohol, Jen Aydin, she’s unfortunately just a sloppy drunk. When Jen has a drink, her baboon lips, lovingly coined by Margaret Josephs, become loose. At lunch with the ladies, Jen found the urge to tell Jackie Goldschnieder that Dolores Catania didn’t consider her a friend. Thus, Dolores had to go on the defense, not happy with Jen’s mouth. Of course, Jen believed her actions were in the right, looking out for Jackie, but with the tension between the two women being quite high, the intentions did not come out benevolent. One of Jen’s biggest messy moments came at a pool party where she seemingly blacked out, causing many of the guests to be beyond worried. Bill had to take her home, where his biggest worry was that his wife wouldn’t puke in his convertible. Joke or not, Jen’s actions when she’s surrounded by drinks are not positive.

Jennifer Aydin Needs to Learn When to Give Up and Give In

Jennifer has never shied away from finding the drama, but as the saying goes, sometimes it’s like beating a dead horse. Even when any semblance of a resolution has been found in a tiff between any of her cast mates, Jen seems to keep the drama in her arsenal, a bit of a taboo word with these women, eager to use it against her frenemies. In her first season, most of her spats came with fellow newbie Jackie. After a coincidental visit to Jen’s home, Jackie had an article published where she discussed spoiling children. Of course, Jen took it personally, accusing Jackie of writing about her children. Despite alleging it was not true, Jen took the spat further by gifting Jackie a Turkish knife, so she could use it to stab people in the back. Their feud, which has endured every season since their debut, continued when Jennifer supposedly looked into Jackie’s husband, Evan Goldschnieder, to find dirt on him when it was her husband who “did stuff.”

Unfortunately for Jen, hurling infidelity accusations backfired for her big time. Another big target for Jen is Margaret. She’s told Margaret that she couldn’t relate to people who have affairs with married people, referring to Margaret’s supposed affair with her old boss. It would be revealed later that Jen’s husband was engaged in an affair. And leave it to Jen Aydin to confirm the accusation in a rage. Margaret said that Bill was cheating on Jen with his office manager, but Jen took the moment to call Margaret out and clarify it was the pharmaceutical rep. When this reveal came to light, it visibly shook Jen up. And rightly so! She was worried about her children and her marriage. But how she handled the situation and continued to hurl cheating allegations into the ether, including being part of the Melissa cheating rumors, proved that Jen didn’t learn how the pain she felt would, in turn, hurt others. Perhaps she felt if she was experiencing betrayal, everyone else should join her at rock bottom. Fans learned that Bill spent more time in their pool house during their marital woes. Jen also reminded him that if they do get a divorce, she gets half of everything. At least she found some humor in the situation.

Season 13 introduced a new set of women into the fold, and even they couldn’t get away from the dramatic antics of Jennifer Aydin. One of the more embarrassing moments that Jen took upon herself was when she hired a tea-leaf reader to read the women’s leaves. When Angie the Turkish Tea Reader mentioned endorsements when sharing Jen’s future, the women called into question the validity of the reading. It wasn’t until the group trip to Ireland that Teresa spilled the beans on Jen that she had previously spoken to Angie and may or may not have mentioned some things about the women, and may or may not have mentioned the word endorsement. Once again, Jen put herself in a pickle where she simply got defensive and refused to admit defeat face to face. By the end of Season 13, the alliance breakdown included new cast member Danielle Cabral on Team Teresa. Thanks to media reporting, during the filming of Season 14, which is set to air in 2024, Jen and Danielle got into a physical altercation, once again involving a cup, that resulted in both women’s temporary filming suspension. Will the fight make it to air when Season 14 debuts? Only time will tell.

Many viewers of The Real Housewives franchise, and reality television in general, tune in for the drama. But sometimes it just goes too far. Welcome to the screen, Jennifer Aydin. Her villainous persona may be all put on for camera. It’s just hard to grasp how a human could have that much venom inside. Jen may not want to admit she’s the villain of the series, but she certainly gloats when the title is floated. While it’s always possible Jen can change, after this many seasons, the hero’s arc may never see the light of day.

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