Joe Gorga calls out ‘crazy’ Jennifer Aydin for ‘lies’ over BravoCon drama

Joe Gorga is clearing up the alleged “lies” about Jennifer Aydin’s now-infamous, drink-throwing incident after BravoCon 2022.

“Everything that you heard is a lie,” the real estate developer, 43, said on on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast on Friday.

“Whatever you heard Jennifer’s assistant say, it was all lies.”

In October, Aydin’s social media assistant, Erica Madelyn, said in a video shared to TikTok that Gorga called her boss a “f–king dirty bitch.”

However, Gorga maintains that Aydin, 45, was the instigator of the altercation.

“The story is out there that she threw a drink me, and I was saying these vulgar things to her — no,” the father of three continued.

“First of all, I was 50 feet away with my wife … Jennifer likes to dig a lot and she gets involved in my family business.”

Gorga then admitted that his wife, Melissa Gorga, “did say something” to her “Real Housewives of New Jersey” co-star that may have ticked her off.

However, he said he expected the women to just get into a verbal argument — as “Housewives” do — but he noted that Aydin is “not like that.”

“If you watched her on the TV show through the years, she drinks a lot, she’s violent, she throws thing, she breaks glasses, she wants to stab you with it, she throws knives,” Joe added.

“I mean, this is who she is, she’s crazy. Picture her in real life. That’s editing!”

Jennifer Aydin on the red carpet
Gorga alleged that Aydin was “out of control.” Getty Images

The construction business owner owned up to shouting at Aydin at some point, but said it was because the reality star was allegedly “out of her mind.”

He also clarified that the drink was “never thrown” at him but rather his assistant.

“She was out of control to the point where it was embarrassing,” Joe further claimed. “Yelling at the top of her lungs like a maniac.”

In late October, Melissa, 43, revealed her own account of the events, stating on her “On Display” podcast that Aydin gave her a “snarky stare in [her] eyes” as the “Housewife” made her way toward the elevators.

The Envy store owner then said she told her co-star, “Keep moving, wannabe. Come on, loser, just keep walking. There’s the elevator.”

Melissa agreed at the time with Aydin’s assistant that Joe uttered the words “dirty bitch,” but claimed her husband only said those words to “other people” and not the Bravo star.

Aside from her assistant’s statements, Aydin has not addressed the altercation in depth.

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