Joey Graziadei Just Saved The Bachelor Franchise & This Is How He Did It

Joey Graziadei was one of the most charming leads that The Bachelor has had in years, but what about him helped save the franchise from complete ruin?

Joey Graziadei from The Bachelor montage
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The Bachelor season 28’s lead Joey Graziadei found love on the series, but he did something equally important with his presence, saving the franchise with his open vulnerability. Joey, who’s original appearance on The Bachelorette season 20 with Charity Lawson endeared him to fans, was exactly who Bachelor Nation hoped would become the next lead. After watching Joey open up to Charity about his life, his fears, and his feelings for her, viewers were crushed when his biggest fear came to light when Charity refused his proposal. When he was named the next Bachelor, viewers were thrilled with the decision.

During his time as The Bachelor, Joey was easily one of the most versatile, relatable leads the series has ever seen. Joey, who explained several times during the season that he was terrified of leaving the experience alone, worked hard to provide a safe, open space for the women of his season to come to him and open up. Joey understood that his role as the lead of The Bachelor season 28 was to find a lasting love of his own but also to provide space for the women to share anything they were feeling with him with utmost ease.

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Joey Understood Where His Contestants Were Coming From

While Joey’s appearance on The Bachelorette left him heartbroken, his time courting Charity and ultimately being rejected gave him a whole new perspective. Though the majority of leads on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette come from the previous season of the series, some don’t make it all the way to the end of the season, only to be let down. Joey had to experience some serious heartbreak, but in doing so, he was able to understand where the women of his season were coming from. The empathetic nature Joey displayed made his time as The Bachelor more interesting for viewers.

Joey Was Open, Honest, & Humble

The Bachelor’s Joey Graziadei wiping away tears from his eyes and Kelsey Anderson in the background
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Joey’s honest, open, humble personality made him an incredibly watchable leading man. Some seasons of The Bachelor find the leads difficult to watch or relate to. This often happens when there is a male lead on the series, as they sometimes have a trickier time communicating their feelings directly to the contestants and to the camera. Without the disconnect of the lead struggling to share how he’s feeling or why he’s feeling that way, the series can be fascinating. Joey was able to speak openly and put himself at the exact same level as his cast despite leading the show.

Joey’s Approach To The Experience Allowed Him To Have Fun

Though Joey took being The Bachelor seriously, he also made it clear that he was hoping to find someone who he could have fun with in his life. A typically easy-going guy, Joey clearly loves to be able to joke around with his partner, as seen by his dates throughout the season. The leads on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are faced with such serious decisions day in and day out, and often struggle to make sure things are also light during their time on the series. Even while dealing with other’s emotions, Joey was able to keep things light.

Joey’s Connection With Kelsey Anderson Helped Him Grow

The Bachelor Season 28's Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson Riding On A Vespa

While Joey had a connection with several women on The Bachelor season 28, his connection with Kelsey Anderson ultimately became the relationship he wanted to pursue moving forward. Watching Joey’s connection with Kelsey throughout the season was refreshing, as he clearly found her to be charismatic and attractive, his face softening and his smile growing every time he saw her. Watching someone who is openly sweet and honest like Joey develop a relationship that made him visibly happier was a treat for viewers, who looked forward to seeing Joey find real love. His connection with Kelsey drew Bachelor Nation in.

Bachelor Nation Responded To Joey’s Presence & Caused A Ratings Boom

Joey Graziadei & Kelsey Anderson from The Bachelor montage
Custom image by César García

While Joey’s charismatic, open personality and winning love story was the recipe for success for Bachelor Nation, the series also experienced some major ratings growth throughout the season. According to Forbes, the finale of The Bachelor season 28 drew in 4.14 million viewers, a huge number for the series. The series also hit “its highest three-day audience in nearly two years in February”, consistently drawing in massive numbers throughout the season. Joey’s personality and the way he acted toward the women who were brave enough to put themselves out there on The Bachelor helped bring renewed life to the series.

The Bachelor is available to stream on Hulu.

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