Kailyn Lowry’s Children: Meet the ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Kids

‘Teen Mom’ alum Kailyn Lowry’s children are all so unique in their own ways. Inside her 7 kids’ lives, their fathers, hobbies and what she’s said about them.

Kailyn Lowry is officially a proud mother of six sons and one daughter, as she confirmed on January 19, 2024, that she gave birth to twins.

he reality star first became known to fans while appearing on season 2 of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2010. She eventually graduated to Teen Mom 2 and viewers watched her expand her family over the years. Although she left MTV in 2022, Kail has continued to share her life with fans on social media and her podcast.

Along the way, fans came to know and love Kailyn’s kids and their unique personalities. She’s a hands-on mom and proven she’s able to handle a growing brood with the birth of each new child. The brothers are as close as can be and love each other so much.

Scroll down for a guide to all of Kailyn Lowry’s kids.

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Kailyn Lowry's Children: Meet the 'Teen Mom' Star's Kids

Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Isaac Rivera

Kailyn welcomed her first child with high school boyfriend Jo Rivera on January 18, 2010, which was documented on16 and Pregnant. The pair split after their son’s birth.

The former reality star told fans about what an incredible young man Isaac had grown into in a birthday tribute when he officially became a teenager in 2023.

“Isaac. A son, brother, friend. I don’t always get super emotional on Instagram posts but this is a special occasion. Thirteen feels like such a milestone. We have literally grown up together, but in some ways he’s even more grown than I am,” Kail began.

“Thoughtful, brilliant, funny and at times a smartass are a few words I would use to describe Isaac. I think what really inspires me about him is the way he challenges social norms. Because he is curious and open-minded, he can form his own thoughts and opinions. Isaac also accepts people for who they are and never how they’re ‘supposed to be. More people should be like him,” she gushed about her eldest child.

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Kailyn Lowry's Children: Meet the 'Teen Mom' Star's Kids

Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Lincoln Marroquin

Kailyn married ex-husband Javi Marroquin on September 4, 2012, at a Pennsylvania courthouse. More than a year later, they welcomed their first and only child, Lincoln, on November 16, 2013.

Teen Mom 2 viewers watched Linc grow up in a somewhat dysfunctional household, as his parents fought often. The marriage began to disintegrate when Javi was deployed overseas with the U.S. Air Force in 2016. The duo announced they were divorcing in late May 2016.

Linc grew close with big brother Isaac and later became a great big brother himself to his younger siblings.

In Instagram photos, Kailyn has shown her son’s love of sports, especially football as he first played the flag version of the sport as a youngster before moving into full pads. In 2022, Linc took up basketball and became an avid NBA fan. Kail has made sure to document his growth through sports via her son’s own Instagram account.

His activities aren’t limited to sports, as Kailyn revealed in 2023 that her son sings in his school’s chorus.

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Kailyn Lowry's Children: Meet the 'Teen Mom' Star's Kids

Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Lux Lowry

Kail’s shares Lux with former boyfriend Chris Lopez. The pair were on-again, off-again both before and after their son’s August 5, 2017 birth.

Lux has appeared so many times on the Pothead Haircare founder’s Instagram page that fans had come to believe he’s her favorite child. Kailyn explained the reason why during a January 2021 episode of her “Baby Mamas No Drama “podcast, sharing, “People are like, Lux is your favorite kid and I’m like no! Lux is the only one willing to take pictures.”

Kail explained what a picky eater her son is after his preschool teacher accused her of not giving him a big enough lunch.

“He won’t eat bread. He’ll eat lunch meat, but he won’t eat it on bread. He’ll eat it with crackers, string cheese, whatever. Well, he stopped eating the lunchmeat. OK fine, we won’t pack it today. We’ll try again in two days, and it’ll be fine. So, I pack his lunch without the lunchmeat and the next day I go in, and maybe she didn’t mean it this way,” she began telling the story during the podcast.

“But [the teacher] she pulls me aside, and she’s like, ‘Hey. She’s like Lux was still hungry, and I just feel like you should try your best to like pack some more food for him.’ And I’m just like … literally are you trying to say that I don’t feed my kid, and I’m not providing enough food for him? So the first thing, I ran to WaWa and bought him a sandwich, and I’m like he can pick the bread off so whatever.”

Lux is also known for his gorgeous long hair. It became the subject of a major fight when Chris took him to get it cut off in September 2020, taking it from nearly his waist to above his son’s shoulders. Kailyn was so furious it led to a major fight involving assault, a nasty feud and later a lawsuit. Now, Lux is old enough to wear his hair long by his own choice.

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Kailyn Lowry's Children: Meet the 'Teen Mom' Star's Kids

Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

Creed Romello Lowry-Lopez

Kail announced in February 2020 that her family was expanding, telling fans in an Instagram post, “We’re confirming the news, baby No. 4 is coming soon! I’m almost 16 weeks pregnant and it’s been a rough few months this time around.”

The podcaster didn’t reveal the baby’s father at the time, although it was later revealed to be Chris. As the infant grew and seemed to have lighter skin and blue eyes unlike his big brother, Chris defended that Creed was his son in an Instagram Stories post. “Look, I get it ppl move in a way that makes y’all think other wise but Creed is my son and I don’t question him,” adding, “And YES I’m over it,” about paternity questions.

During an October 2023 “Baby Mamas No Drama” postcast, Kailyn revealed that a medical condition had caused Creed to be a “difficult” child.

“He does, in fact, have nodules on his vocal cords. [They are] basically like calluses from screaming and crying because he’s a very difficult child. He’s a very difficult baby. [A] very difficult toddler,” she explained.

“[I] Love him to pieces. [I] wouldn’t trade him for the world. But that’s essentially what happened is it created calluses on his voice, so now he basically doesn’t know how to use his voice like most kids do, and so he’s putting extra effort into it,” Kailyn continued, adding her son wouldn’t need surgery but would likely undergo speech therapy.

The Pride Over Pity author showed off her love for her son in an August 2023 birthday post showing his pool party. She wrote in the caption, “CREED. Romello. Mello. Romey. Rome. Biggie. Bigs. No words could accurately describe my love for this little firecracker, so I’ll save the sap for real life! This is 3!”

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Kailyn Lowry's Children: Meet the 'Teen Mom' Star's Kids

Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Instagram


Kailyn kept pregnancy No. 5 and the baby’s birth a secret for almost a year until she finally revealed to fans that she had given birth to a son named Rio — whom she shares with boyfriend Elijah Scott — in the fall of 2022.

“I wanted to be able to tell my own story on my own terms and kind of share what information I wanted to share instead of being within a contractual obligation or storyline,” Lowry, who first made the announcement on the October 13 episode of her “Barely Famous ” podcast.

Kailyn and Elijah weren’t trying for a baby but said of their child, “It was a pleasant surprise.”

“As chaotic as it was finding out about being pregnant again, he’s been such an incredible baby that it really was a true light at the end of a really dark year for me,” she explained. “It was rough [last year] with the lawsuit, the depression that I dealt with and everything else. So, he has been really a joy for all of us.”

Kail shared an Instagram video showing Rio’s first birthday party on November 20, 2023, giving fans their first good glimpse of the little boy. She wrote in the caption, “I have soaked up every minute of this past year with Rio. I cannot believe how fast it went. Happy birthday to the best baby! You’re a mean ONE!”

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Kailyn Lowry's Children: Meet the 'Teen Mom' Star's Kids

Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

2023 Unnamed Twins

After months of speculation, Kailyn confirmed was babies No. 6 and No. 7 with Elijah and that the twins were likely conceived during or right before a vacation in Thailand in March 2023.

The revelation was made during her “Barely Famous” podcast on October 20, 2023, where Kail explained, “I must have got pregnant right before I left and I had no idea. So, when I got there, I was eating everything. My face was flushed, but I didn’t think anything of it because I was like, there’s no way. There’s no way I am.” She later joked that the pair returned from Thailand with “permanent souvenirs.”

Kailyn gave birth to the twins in early November, according to multiple reports, and revealed during a November 13 TikTok video that ​her new babies were a boy and her first girl, though she did not comment on the latest additions to her family. She explained that she believed she was having twin boys at first, as there was a miscommunication regarding the initial results of her blood test to find out the babies’ sexes.

On January 19, 2024, Kailyn finally confirmed that she had welcomed the twins. While she didn’t reveal their birthdate, she did share that she delivered the newborns via C-section at 35 weeks.

“I was terrified because I didn’t love the idea but I knew I had to do it because the baby was breached,” she shared. The podcast host did not reveal the names of her little ones when she made the announcement.

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