Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback: Can Patrick Mahomes Overcome “The Josh Allen Curse” vs. Lamar Jackson’s Ravens?

One of the most exciting showdowns of this league is going to take place this weekend. The Kansas City Chiefs are set to play against the Baltimore Ravens in their AFC Championship game. Many are expecting Lamar Jackson’s team to win over Patrick Mahomes’ squad, especially after the alleged “Josh Allen curse.”

The Chiefs are coming off a win over the Buffalo Bills with 3 points, while the Ravens are coming off a spectacular win over the Houston Texans with 24 points in the divisional round. As the two teams are set to meet each other after 3 years, Mahomes will try to maintain his 3-1 winning record against Jackson. But will he be able to, especially after the recent interesting update?

Will the ‘Josh Allen curse’ affect Patrick Mahomes’ game?


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According to the latest post by CBS Sports on Instagram, “Can the Chiefs break the trend” which the NFL has witnessed for years? The post states that “for the Chiefs, to go to the Super Bowl, they’ll need to overcome ‘The Josh Allen Curse’.” It further explained the understanding of the curse, stating, “no team to beat Josh Allen in the playoffs has gone on to win its next game.” The channel also shared a series of posts citing all the examples that happened in the league due to this curse.

At first, it happened in 2019, where the Texans beat Allen in the wildcard round, and then lost in their divisional round. Then the 2020 Chiefs defeated Allen in the AFC Championship, however, they too lost in their next game, missing out on the Super Bowl. Again in 2021, the Chiefs defeated the Bills and Josh Allen in the divisional round and then went on to lose in the AFC Championship game. Then in 2022, the Bengals defeated Josh Allen in the divisional round, and they too, lost the AFC Championship matchup that year.

Therefore, going through the past curses, will the 2023 Chiefs, who defeated Allen in their divisional round, be able to win their AFC Championship game? The game is set to happen against the strong SB contender, Lamar Jackson, and his all-prepped team.

Patrick Mahomes vs Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes is the quarterback matchup of our time

Although Patrick Mahomes loves going up against the strong quarterbacks in the league, this time his battle is with the current top MVP choice, Lamar Jackson. Jackson has been outstanding this season, accumulating 3678 yards with 24 touchdowns. Mahomes, on the other hand, has covered 4183 yards this season with 27 touchdowns in total. The overall passing yards stats of Jackson and Mahomes are 15887 and 28424, respectively. Furthermore, talking about their head-to-head records, Mahomes has a 3-1 lead against the Ravens. He recently won his first playoff game on the road, giving a boost of worthy confidence to his side.

On the other hand, Jackson’s playoff record is 2-3, and a victory over Mahomes in their AFC Championship game would bring him to a .500 record in the postseason, potentially leading to his first Super Bowl appearance. In the all-time series history, the Chiefs lead 7-5 against the Ravens in their 12 meetups, including 1 postseason. Besides that, the Ravens won their last meeting by one point at their home ground on September 19, 2021.

This exciting thriller between the Chiefs and the Ravens will kick off at 3:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, January 28 at M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore. So, will the newfound ‘curse’ prevail over the Chiefs? Or will Mahomes be able to end the history standing against them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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