Kyle Richards Blames Morgan Wade’s Tattoos for Romance Rumors as RHOBH Star Talks “Toughest Time” of Her Life Amid Mauricio Split, If They’ll Divorce, and Morgan Doc Becoming a Series, Plus Kathy’s Reunion Cameo and Dorit Drama - Apkcombat

Kyle Richards Blames Morgan Wade’s Tattoos for Romance Rumors as RHOBH Star Talks “Toughest Time” of Her Life Amid Mauricio Split, If They’ll Divorce, and Morgan Doc Becoming a Series, Plus Kathy’s Reunion Cameo and Dorit Drama

Kyle Richards Blames Morgan Wade's Tattoos for Romance Rumors as RHOBH Star Talks "Toughest Time" of Her Life Amid Mauricio Split, If They'll Divorce, and Morgan Doc Becoming a Series, Plus Kathy's Reunion Cameo and Dorit Drama

Kyle Richards is going through what she claims is the “toughest time” of her life.

Amid her months-long separation from her husband, Mauricio Umansky, 53, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member, 55, discussed a potential divorce, suggested romance rumors with Morgan Wade, 29, are due to her tattoos, and addressed a number of RHOBH topics, including Kathy Hilton‘s cameo at the reunion and Dorit Kemsley‘s nerves going into the taping.

After being asked by Extra‘s Billy Bush if season 13 was her hardest season so far, Kyle replied, “Yes, absolutely.”

“It’s been the toughest time in my life,” Kyle said on February 8. “It has, absolutely [gotten personal].”

Although she and Mauricio have faced rumors of divorce in recent months, Kyle confirmed that they are not yet ready to take that step.

“We’ve been married 28 years. Just recently, it is hard,” she admitted. “We live under the same roof and we get along and we’re just trying to figure it out.”

While Kyle and Mauricio are still living together, they don’t spend a lot of time under the same roof.

“Last couple of months, not a lot at all, honestly,” she shared.

Moving on to Morgan, Kyle revealed, once again, that she and Morgan are “just friends.”

“Everyone is so fascinated by this. Honestly, I think if she didn’t have tattoos and everything that people wouldn’t be so intrigued,” Kyle noted, adding that she recently got another tattoo.

“I went from zero to seven… I’m in my ‘I don’t give a you-know-what’ era,” she stated.

As she and Morgan faced rumors of a potential romance last year, they began working together on a documentary about Morgan’s career as a country music singer and her health battle, which recently saw her undergoing a double mastectomy.

“It started as a documentary but may be a docuseries. We’ll see,” she teased.

Looking back at the January taping of the RHOBH reunion, Kyle said that when it comes to what goes down between her and Kathy, 64, viewers “are going to have to tune in.”

“I was great with her going into it. I was certainly not going to be in a situation like I was last year, because that was horrible, devastating to me,” she stated.

As for Dorit, 47, being nervous about the taping, Kyle didn’t seem to have much compassion.

“The thing is, she said some things. I’ve been going through such a challenging time, and some of the women on the show, especially, you know, [Sutton Stracke], were really making my life so much more complicated with the things they are saying and things they are asking me on camera,” Kyle explained. “And they were my friends. So, I was like, ‘Why are they doing this to me? I’m so confused.’ So, when Dorit said some things in her interviews, it affected my relationship because I’m like, ‘You’re making it so much harder for me. Like, you know what I’m going through.’ All of these statements and comments are just making my life so much more difficult for me. And I expect that sometimes from certain cast members, but not from people you consider are close friends.”

Kyle also commented on Erika Jayne, 52, saying she hoped Andy Cohen “eviscerated” her at the taping.

“Everybody was so upset about that, you know, like fans and followers messaging me. And even my friends were,” she shared. “But Erika is such a great friend to me — I love her and I trust her and I adore her and I know what she meant when she said that. What she meant in that moment was that she was, she felt annihilated last year.”

According to Kyle, she believes Erika simply wanted someone else in the hot seat.

“I really didn’t take it like that because I know her so well. This is someone I trust telling everything to. She’s never stabbed me in the back. She’s always supported me,” she added.

Kyle then shared who she admires most from the Real Housewives franchise.

“I admire the women on [RHOBH],” she revealed. “Other than the fact that they are on reality television, you wouldn’t know they’re on reality television. They all have so much going on in their lives and in business and really smart… No diss to the other franchises, but I’m proud of the women that are on the show.”

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