Lаlа Kent Reveаlѕ Wһy Sһe’ѕ ‘Not а Fаn’ of Sаі De Sіlvа &аmp; Erіn Lіcһy

Lala Kent, Erin Lichy, and Sai De Silva.

Getty Lala Kent, Erin Lichy, and Sai De Silva.

“Vanderpump Rules” personality Lala Kent will often share her opinions about other Bravo stars on her podcast, “Give Them Lala.” For instance, while recording the October 17 episode of her podcast, Kent revealed she disapproves of “Real Housewives of New York City” stars Sai De Silva and Erin Lichy’s behavior.

“I’m really not a fan of Sai and Erin right now,” said Kent.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star explained she did not appreciate De Silva and Lichy’s decision to question their castmate Jessel Taank’s marriage to her husband, Pavit Randhawa. As fans are aware, Taank told her co-stars that she and Randhawa, who wed in 2014, had not been sexually intimate following the birth of their 2-year-old twins, Kai and Rio. Kent stated she particularly took issue with Lichy and De Silva suggesting that Randhawa planned to be unfaithful during his brief Vietnam vacation.

“Sai and Erin, watching the two of them in their scenes together, is, like, very hard to watch. The last two episodes of them talking about Jessel’s relationship and her marriage. And just the way that they go about it. It’s not two people that are concerned. It seems like two catty b*****. Where it’s like what is this? Like, it’s very uncomfortable to watch,” said the reality television personality.

Jessel Taank Discussed Her Castmates’ Comments About Her Marriage

In an October 2023 interview with Rolling Stone, Taank shared her thoughts about her castmates’ comments regarding her marriage. She stated she believed she may have not “give[n] enough clarity” as to why she and her husband were not intimate after she had their children. She noted that she had gone through in vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive her sons.

“The domino effect of having kids and going through IVF was a tough pill to swallow when it came to getting back into the sack with him. It took an emotional and mental toll on both of us. Maybe that didn’t really connect with them? They just thought that something was wrong in my marriage,” stated Taank.

She stated she believed the situation “went completely over [her castmates’] heads.” Taank also explained she was under the impression Lichy and De Silva had not “ever had IVF.”

“So I think when I was talking about it, they couldn’t relate to me at that moment. All they heard was, ‘She is not having sex with her husband. Something is wrong!’ That’s what they were stuck on. In hindsight, should I have really tried to explain more? Maybe. Maybe that’s on me,” continued the mother of two.

The fashion publicist also shared she was upset about Lichy and De Silva’s remarks about Randhawa’s decision to travel to Vietnam.

“They were trying to insinuate that there was something seedy going on. It was very, very shocking! I never thought that those were the conversations that were happening,” stated the London native.

In addition, she said she believed De Silva and Lichy “looked at [her] marriage and took it to a place that really wasn’t cool.”

Erin Lichy Spoke About Her Relationship With Jessel Taank

While speaking to Us Weekly in October 2023, Lichy stated that she was unaware of how much going through IVF affected Taank. She said she wished Taank would have been more clear about her emotions. The real estate agent explained she was under the impression the mother of two viewed her lack of sexual intimacy with Randhawa as “a playful thing.”

“I actually didn’t know until watching back that she did four rounds of IVF. I had no clue. She told me she did IVF. I never knew the severity of what she had gone through,” stated Lichy. “It was never discussed. You know, it’s a very different situation when someone sits down with you and is like, ‘I went through a really hard time, and therefore, my husband and I haven’t been able to connect sexually.’ That’s a different conversation. It’s like, ‘We haven’t had sex in a year and a half haha.’ Like, that’s how it was delivered.”

During the Us Weekly interview, the mother of three stated she believed Taank needed to have “a level of accountability with how [she] deliver[ed] [her] messaging.”

“It’s not so fair to get angry at the person receiving the information. Because they are receiving it the way it is given. I think she definitely takes accountability now,” continued the 36-year-old.

In addition, Lichy clarified that she has made amends with Taank.

“She and I are at really great place. Like, we’re friends, we’re good. I think she’s a very sweet and lovely girl,” said the reality television personality.

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