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Lala Kent Believes Ariana Madix Should Have Taken a ‘Break’ From Vanderpump Rules

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Lala Kent’s recently established falling out with Ariana Madix has already made waves after the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion taping. Lala confirmed the two had a friendship-ending fight while filming just a few weeks ago.

However, Lala’s pretty clear jabs at Ariana were masked in the form of concern. Lala suggested Ariana should’ve taken a break in the face of VPR Season 11. No one can deny Ariana has been through a great deal since Season 10.

But despite all the pain endured, the star has flown higher than ever since Scandoval. In fact, one might argue the success came as a result of Scandoval. With so much success thanks to Pump Rules, why take a break? Well, Lala couldn’t say entirely.

Lala teases a “deeper” season of VPR and “intense” finale with Ariana

In her recent chat with Jeff Lewis on his podcast, Lala shared her thoughts on why Ariana was losing her friends. “I think it’s really important for people to know that she did not have much time to process before we went into filming,” Lala shared. Jeff asked if Ariana perhaps should’ve taken a break for Season 11. Lala said, “Yes.”

She continued, giving a little teaser for fans: “I think you guys are going to see as the season goes on – this season is very different. It’s a little bit deeper than we’re used to. The finale was very intense. Yeah, I think it would have been good for her to take a break.”

On the one hand, Lala might genuinely be concerned about Ariana. On the other, it’s rather difficult to read her statements without a tone of jealousy. Let’s face it, Ariana’s been riding high ever since Season 10 ended, and Lala seems to have only drifted further away from her since.

Perhaps Lala should sincerely ask herself whether she would take a break if she were in Ariana’s position going into Season 11. And to that point, it’s hard to imagine Bravo would be too keen on letting Ariana take a break. Even without the threat of leaving, the paycheck for Season 11 must’ve been all too tempting.

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