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Lala Kent Defends Tom Sandoval in Surprise Turnaround

Lala Kent thinks Tom Sandoval has the right to party in his own house.

Nearly one year after the bar owner’s life blew up over a shocking cheating scandal with Raquel Leviss, Kent, who was once one of his biggest critics, came to his defense on the  “Vanderpump Rules Aftershow.”  The Give Them Lala Beauty founder reacted to a scene in which Sandoval’s ex, Ariana Madix, attempted to stop him from throwing a birthday party in the house they still share.

“I thought it was stupid more than anything,” Kent said on the Aftershow. “It’s his home. He’s allowed to have parties for his birthday, you know?  He’s been doing it for a few years at that house.”

Kent then reminded Madix that Sandoval hooked up with Leviss in the home before their affair was uncovered. “Girl, he was [expletive] your friend in the house, all right?” she said. “Having a little birthday party ain’t [expletive]!”

According to Entertainment Tonight, Kent once described Sandoval as “weak,” “disgusting,” and a “narcissist” in an Amazon Live and said she “never” liked him.

Lala Kent Thinks Ariana Madix Should Have Moved Out of the House Months Ago

Tom Sandoval

PeacockTom Sandoval

In the “Vanderpump Rules” season 11 episode “The Ultimate Betrayal,” Madix threatened to “call the cops” if her ex hosted a noisy party at their Valley Village home.  At the time, Kent came to Sandovals’s defense, telling Madix, “I think that from just a logical standpoint, he’s allowed to have a party at his house.”

Madix ultimately agreed to Sandoval host a small group of friends, provided they left the house by midnight. In a VPR confessional, she also shared that Sandoval wanted to buy the house from her. “Tom wants to buy me out and stay there. And I’m not just gonna pack up my clothes and hitchhike down the road because Tom offered me a measly sum of money,” she said.

In a January interview on the “Viall Files” podcast, Sandoval claimed he gave Madix a fair offer for the property. “I gave her an offer of $3.1 million. We bought our house for 2.05,” he said.

Even before the offer was made, Kent questioned why Madix didn’t just move out of the house. When Kent found out her ex, Randall Emmett, was cheating on her, she moved out of their house with their baby, Ocean, almost immediately.

“It ain’t that complicated,” Kent said on the “Aftershow.” “You move out of the house. You don’t forfeit the home because you decided to move out. She doesn’t lose the home because she decided to move out.”

“Tom Sandoval is not gonna leave,” Kent continued. “She doesn’t have to [either], but don’t say you’re not leaving because you can’t afford it.”

Madix countered by saying the $2 million property was “a very large investment” she saved her “entire adult life for.” She also reiterated that apartment rentals in Los Angeles are through the roof, especially since she needs to house her cat and 50-pound dog. “I don’t know what kind of money Lala also thinks I have but it’s not really an option,” Madix said.

Kent explained that it wasn’t healthy for Madix to continue to live with her ex. “I want to see my friend Ariana be in a good headspace,” she said. “She is, but a good headspace also means that you get to go home and that’s like your safe space to regroup and like revive yourself from like everything that she’s been doing. And you come home to a place that has his energy and like his stuff or his dirty dishes. It’s like, I just wanted to know why, and every time I asked that question it was like ‘How dare you.’”

Ariana Madix’s Living Situation With Sandoval is Still Not Resolved


PeacockTom Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s house.

Madix admitted she always took issue with Sandoval’s parties. “Essentially I’m not paying a mortgage for other people’s recreation,” she said on the Aftershow.

But Sandoval also spoke on the “Vanderpump Rules Aftershow” to accuse Madix of stiffing him when it comes to paying their joint mortgage. “Ariana like hadn’t paid any of the bills for like 8 months,” he claimed. “That has not been resolved.”

Madix claimed the bills used to come out of a joint checking account that they both contributed to. But when Sandoval refinanced the mortgage, things changed.  “I have asked repeatedly, for years at this point, for an itemized breakdown of the bills that he’s talking about,” she said. “I had asked for this itemized breakdown for so long and it would be like. ‘Oh, you know you owe ‘X’ amount of money.’ and I’m like ‘How did you figure this out?’”

“When we were together maybe I would have trusted that to be accurate,” the ‘Dancing With the Stars” alum added. “But once all this went down it’s like I don’t trust a [expletive] word you say. So if you are going to tell me that I owe you a certain amount of money, you better be able to show your work. I don’t write him checks because I don’t believe a word he says about what I actually owe him.”

In a January 2024 interview with People magazine, Madix said she is ready to get out from under her ties with Sandoval. “I’m just really motivated to be able to get my investment that I made into the house out so that I can make another investment and be able to fully just move on from being tied to that,” she said. “I want things a certain way when I think it’s the right time. So I’m ready. I want to own my own home.”

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