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Lewis Hamilton Pays Tribute to Muhammad Ali in Honor of Black History Month With Bold Fashion Statement

Apart from making history on the Formula 1 circuit, Lewis Hamilton is also known for making bold statements off the track. Be it with his words, fashion, or initiatives, the British driver is always a step ahead of the rest in making his voice known. Bahrain witnessed something similar when the Mercedes driver arrived at the Bahrain International Circuit for the third day of pre-season testing.

Hamilton, according to @hamazinglew’s post on Instagram, arrived in the paddock to pay tribute to the late Muhammad Ali, one of the “greatest” professional boxers ever lived. The way of the tribute was rather interesting as the Briton decided to choose his fashion over anything else. Along with Ali, Hamilton also paid tribute to Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.


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The primary reason for this was to honor the Black History Month. Hamilton, being a leading voice for Black people, certainly did not want to miss out on the occasion. Not when he would have the chance to show his respect to the great Ali, someone he looks up to for inspiration.

The 39-year-old dedicated his 45th career win at the Canadian GP to Ali with a knockout punch. This was after a few days of Ali’s demise back in 2016. Furthermore, Hamilton also has a tattoo of Muhammad Ali’s iconic moment on his body. The British driver’s right calf featured a tattoo that saw Ali standing over Sonny Liston after winning the match in 1965.

Coming back to the pre-season testing, Hamilton did not drive on Day one but had his presence on day two and day three. Earlier on day two, the seven-time world champion paid tribute to none other than Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari Automotive. This, interestingly, was also through his apparel.

How did Lewis Hamilton pay tribute to Muhammad Ali?

Lewis Hamilton wore an outfit from Rhude Designs by Rhuigi Villasenor on the last day of testing. It was from Villasenor’s Fall 2024 Menswear Collection. Eric McNeal styled the seven-time world champion for the latter’s day three arrival at the paddock.

Villasenor further styled Hamilton’s look with Jaques Mariemage Walker sunglass worth $870, contrasting to the one [Jaques Mariemage Enzo worth $820] he wore on day two. Along with this, the Briton chose IWC’s Big Pilot AMG G63 watch. It is worth a staggering $33,400. McNeal completed Hamilton’s look with Timberland’s six-inch boots worth $198.

As teams including Mercedes have completed three days of testing, the real battle begins next weekend at the same venue. The new W15 looks better than its predecessor, but the real potential of the car is still unknown.

Teams tried out different settings and fine-tuned their cars to the maximum. So far, Red Bull, Ferrari, and McLaren managed to impress the fans and experts. But nothing as such from Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, and George Russell.


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