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Lisa Vanderpump’s Throwback Photos Show a Softer Side of the Restauranteur

On Vanderpump Rules, fans know Lisa Vanderpump as the boss at multiple restaurants who is constantly laying down the rules to keep her staff in line. But adorable throwback photos of the restauranteur show her in a much softer light.

Scroll through the pics below to see Lisa in her childhood, the early years of her relationship with her husband Ken Todd, and photos of her children, Pandora Vanderpump Sabo and Max Vanderpump-Todd, when they were little.

Lisa Vanderpump as a Child

Lisa Vanderpump posing as a child with bangs and a blue dress.

In this adorable snap, a sweet young Lisa was dressed in a darling blue dress and rocking a shoulder-length haircut with bangs.

Lisa Vanderpump’s 1978 Photo Call with a Dog

Lisa Vanderpump at 17 sitting on a bar counter with a doberman pinscher.

The above pic was part of a photo call for her role in the 1978 movie Killer’s Moon. She was just a teenage girl at the time, and the pooch featured alongside her was actually her doggy co-star, Hannah.

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd as a Young Couple

Lisa Vanderpump with her husband Ken Todd as a young couple

Ken and Lisa met in 1982 when they were first introduced to one another through Lisa’s brother. They married six weeks after they first met.

Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump on the Beach

Lisa Vanderpump posing with Ken Todd in a bikini at the beach.

“We complement each other,” Lisa told the London Evening Standard of her husband in 2002. “He’s the impulsive one, I’m more conservative. He’s always looking for a new venture.”

In the photo above, the two were enjoying some much-needed respite from work in a tropical setting.

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd with Kids Pandora and Max

Lisa Vanderpump sitting with Ken Todd and their two children on a couch.

Lisa and Ken moved from England to the U.S. when Pandora was young, but moved back to England after a 1994 earthquake shook them out of bed.

Of course, we know they eventually found their way back to Beverly Hills, where they remain today.

Lisa Vanderpump with Pandora and Max

Lisa Vanderpump sitting on the floor with Pandora and feeding her baby, Max.

In the photo above, Lisa was posing with her children, Pandora and Max, who were perfectly coordinated in blue ensembles.

Lisa Vanderpump with Her Son, Max

Lisa Vanderpump posing with her baby, Max Vanderpump-Todd.

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa and Ken have spoken ​​​​​​about adopting their son, Max, when he was a baby.

“I knew very well that I could have more children biologically,” Lisa said in Season 7, Episode 7. “Adoption was my choice, and we heard of Max who was in foster care, and I just wanted him”

Lisa Vanderpump’s Family at a Pumpkin Patch

Lisa Vanderpump sitting with Ken Todd and their two kids at a pumpkin patch.

In this photo, Lisa, Ken, and their children were enjoying a festive fall outing to a pumpkin patch. Once again, Pandora and Max were sweetly coordinated in denim ensembles.

Lisa Vanderpump Biking with Her Family

Lisa Vanderpump and her family riding bikes on the beach.

The happy family of four are pictured enjoying a bike ride on a beach boardwalk in this photo. While a young Pandora was old enough to ride on her own, Max was carted around on the back of his father’s bike.

Lisa Vanderpump and Her Family at Christmas

Lisa Vanderpump posing with Ken Todd and her two kids, Pandora Vanderpump-Todd and Max Vanderpump-Todd, in front of a Christmas tree.

Lisa and her brood were dressed to the nines for a beautiful family photo in front of the Christmas tree. The matriarch and her daughter wore their hair in similar styles with big bows, while the boys also had similar haircuts.

Lisa Vanderpump with Her Son, Max

Young Max Vanderpump-Todd giving Lisa Vanderpump a kiss on the cheek.

In this adorable snap, a young Max planted a sweet kiss on his mother’s cheek.

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