Mаrіа Georgаѕ Iѕ Reunіtіng Wіth Thіѕ Bаchelor Seаѕon 28 Vіllаіn For A Surрrіѕіng Reаѕon

The Bachelor Season 28's Maria Georgas Posing Outside

Beloved The Bachelor season 28 contestant Maria Georgas was targeted by villain Sydney Gordon, but she’s now reuniting with her. Maria became the victim of Sydney’s wrath when Sydney misconstrued Maria’s comments about Madina Alam embracing her age as Maria belittling Madina’s feelings. This escalated into Sydney going on a crusade to expose Maria as a bully to the other women and Joey Graziadei, even though it wasn’t true. Their feud culminated in Joey sending Sydney home during a two-on-one date with both women. However, during “The Women Tell All” episode, both women apologized, and their animosity towards each other came to an end.

In a TikTok video posted by Folk Vintage Co, Sydney’s vintage clothing store in Rhode Island, Sydney stated that Maria just texted her, and she wanted to come to the store.


Replying to @Cool cat styling @Maria Georgas into something more comfortable ♥️🌟 #thebachelor

♬ just a girl – marley

Sydney shared a screenshot of the text, which read, “So you hosting me at your vintage shop or what. Vintage queen reunion.” Sydney’s reply was, “Omg are you literally reading my mind.” One of Sydney’s associates then said that Maria is their “Y2K Vintage Betty” and chose a vintage Betsey Johnson outfit with roses and kitten heels for her. She also said that Maria loves a second look, so she chose a silk dress with Gucci heels.

Maria Georgas & Sydney Gordon’s Relationship Has Evolved

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Sydney Gordon Promotional Photo

In the comments section of the post, Maria wrote, “I feel seen [heart eyes emoji] put those aside for mama.” Maria and Sydney have come such a long way since their Bachelor feud. Maria showed a tremendous amount of maturity when she forgave and hugged Sydney during “The Women Tell All” episode. At the time, it was unclear if they were just making amends for the sake of the show, but it appears that they really have become friends. This is wonderful to see because Sydney’s bullying of Maria on The Bachelor was hard to watch.

Sydney’s vendetta against Maria was so over-the-top that, at times, it seemed as though she might have been a producer plant, added to The Bachelor for the sole reason to create drama. Her responses to Maria were so strange, and they left Maria perplexed about why she was so angry with her. Although Maria admitted that she wasn’t completely innocent in the drama, Sydney took it to another level. Hopefully, Sydney’s newfound friendship with Maria is real and not just a way for her to promote her store.

However, if Maria and Sydney’s friendship is real, it calls the integrity of The Bachelor into question. Although it makes sense that Maria would want to forgive Sydney after her apology, it seems strange that she would so quickly forget how badly she was treated. She almost self-eliminated from the show because of Sydney and her fellow villains, Lea Cayanan and Jess Edwards. It makes one wonder if the drama was created by TheBachelor producers to spice up Joey’s otherwise tame season. Whatever the case may be, it’s good to see that Maria and Sydney are now friends.

The Bachelorette season 21 starring Jenn Tran premieres in July 2024 on ABC.

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