Mad at Patrick Mahomes for Beating Dolphins’ ‘A*s’, Tyreek Hill Also Calls Chiefs’ Star the Greatest Guy Off-the-Field

The Miami Dolphins had two games against the Chiefs this past season. In the regular season, the Red Army defeated the Phins 21-14, and then when they met into the wild card round, Patrick Mahomes’ team once again shattered their Super Bowl dreams by defeating Miami with a spectacular 19-point lead. Tyreek, who is also annoyed at the Chiefs for outwitting them, still has respect for the 3-time Super Bowl champ.

Last October, Tyreek Hill opened up about his relationship with Mahomes. Admitting that they “talk every once in a while” in the offseason, Hill highlighted his good relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. And now, he is back with praise for him once again, but with a subtle twist.

Tyreek Hill opens up about Patrick Mahomes’ off-the-field persona

In a recent episode of the ‘Punch Line with Marlon Humphrey’ podcast, Tyreek Hill joined Ravens CB Humphrey and sports creator Jack Settleman. He talked about his post-retirement plans, the team’s loss in the 2023 tenure, his thoughts on Patrick Mahomes, especially while facing him twice in the past season, and much more. Addressing his views on Mahomes, Hill expressed that although he was angry at the Chiefs QB, he was also similarly proud of him off the field.

The WR praised Mahomes for his leadership on and off the field. Hill highlighted Mahomes’ ability to step into a leadership role after Alex Smith’s departure and commended him for fulfilling the coach’s expectations. The 29-year-old athlete said, “He gonna take care of you man like off the field, he’s one of the greatest guys off the field, he’s not one of those guys that you know outside of the locker room if he see you in the store or something he gonna walk right by you and say I don’t know you.

Tyreek Hill further expressed, “He’s one of those guys that actually come up to you and give you a hug and say hey man how you doing, how the kids doing, like he’s one of those guys so I absolutely love the guy I got nothing but respect for him although I’m mad that they beat our a*s, but besides that dog like he’s forever a brother and I really admire him and I enjoy watching him play.”

Tyreek Hill’s March 2022 trade to the Dolphins came as a shocker to many fans. Hill, who spent a six-year pivotal stint with Kansas City, was reportedly traded because he was unable to stay on the same page with the team about his contract extension. Thus came the four-year, blockbuster 120-million deal with the Phins.

Despite the rivalry, Mahomes and Hill continue to share a good bond, which was evident in the 2023 regular season, where Hill met and hugged Mahomes on the field ahead of the matchup. However, there was a time when Hill was somewhat “jealous” of the Mahomes-Travis Kelce chemistry.

Why was Tyreek Hill jealous of Travis Kelce?

Once in an interview on ‘RG3 and The Ones’ podcast, last year, Tyreek Hill revealed he felt bad when he was playing with the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes. When asked to choose between his strong on-field connections with Mahomes or Tua Tagovailoa, Hill tried to downplay the differences. Tyreek referred to himself as “Mahomes’ side chick,” and explained why he was jealous of Travis Kelce for being Mahomes’ go-to-partner.

The Pro Bowler joked with a laugh, saying, “Pat had Kelce, and I was kinda jealous. I was hurt, bruh. I was hurt. Patrick, you ain’t never invite me over to your house like you did Kelce. You always invited Kelce. That’s why we here where we at now.”

Besides this, Hill also mentioned, “I never been anybody’s side chick before. Never. Always, my whole life — high school, middle school — all the quarterbacks, (I was their) main chick. Always. I go to K.C., now I’m the side chick.”


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