“Marvelous physical shape…” Mike Tyson REVEALS Muhammad Ali fight which gave birth to iconic Ali shuffle

“Marvelous physical shape…” Mike Tyson REVEALS Muhammad Ali fight which gave birth to iconic Ali shuffle

Muhammad Ali is known as the greatest fighter because of his achievements inside and outside the ring. Hence, Ali is a hero and an icon for several people, and legendary boxers like Mike Tyson grew up idolizing him. As such, in 1989, The Arsenio Hall Show did a special interview that hosted Ali, Tyson, and Sugar Ray Leonard. Furthermore, in the interview, Tyson revealed his favorite fight that featured Ali.

During the interview, all the legendary boxers expressed their respect for each other. This included Ali, who stated that Tyson did scare him a bit. However, Muhammad Ali stated that Tyson would have been a formidable opponent during his prime if he could punch him. In response, Tyson stated that he knew he was great but could never be greater than Ali. Subsequently, the interviewer asked Tyson about his favorite performance of Ali, and Tyson responded:

Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams. That was Ali at his best. That was him in marvelous physical shape. He was just in marvelous shape and could out-think his opponents.
Hence, Tyson revealed that he considers Ali’s fight against Cleveland Williams his best fight. Furthermore, in this iconic fight, Ali performed his iconic Ali shuffle and was in peak physical condition. Ali displayed his skillful technique and immense boxing IQ in this fight.

Tyson spoke about how Ali gradually asserted a certain persona and mindset in his later fights, which broke down his opponents. According to Tyson, Ali defeated Williams with sheer skills and physical prowess. Mike Tyson vs. Muhammad Ali remains a dream boxing bout for many fans.

The iconic Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams fight

Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams, Mike Tyson

Ali and Williams fought on November 14, 1966, at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. Furthermore, this bout is often called one of Ali’s most impressive performances. Subsequently, Ali was the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, and Williams was a powerful and respected contender.

Ali displayed his trademark footwork, speed, and boxing skills from the opening bell. As such, he circled Williams, avoiding his opponent’s powerful right hand and landing sharp combinations. Hence, he continued to dominate Williams from the beginning and scored four knockdowns in the first three rounds.

The fight was eventually stopped in the third round, with Ali declared the winner via TKO. Ali’s victory over Williams is often considered one of his most dominant and aesthetically pleasing performances, demonstrating his mastery of the sweet science of boxing.


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