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Mia Thornton gives co-parenting update after boyfriend Incognito questions her son’s paternity

Mia Thornton had no problem talking about co-parenting with estranged husband Gordon Thornton – despite boyfriend Incognito believing he’s thereal father of her and Gordon’s son.

“So, co-parenting is going great, Andy, going great,” Mia told host Andy Cohen on Sunday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live.”

The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star, 39, added that Gordon, 71, was even with their two children –– son Jeremiah, 8, and daughter Juliana, 6 –– at the time of filming the “WWHL” episode.

Mia Thornton on "WWHL"

Mia Thornton shared an update about co-parenting with estranged husband Gordon Thornton amid boyfriend Incognito’s belief that he fathered her and Gordon’s son. Bravo

Mia Thornton and Gordon Thornton posing with their two children

The “Real Housewives of Potomac” star said co-parenting is “going great.” Instagram/@mrsmiathornton

“He has been there for a whole week,” she continued. “He’s a great father, he is, and Gordon’s a great guy, right?”

However, Mia explained that there are still “some things” that Gordon is “battling,” so it’s “just not so exciting” to be in the “same environment with someone” who’s going through various issues.

“I love him, and I think we’re always gonna be really good friends,” she continued. “We have these beautiful babies, like, we are co-parenting so well, and I want that for them, so we are making it work.”

Mia Thornton sitting on "WWHL"

“We have these beautiful babies, like, we are co-parenting so well, and I want that for them, so we are making it work,” she explained on Sunday. Bravo

Mia Thornton and Incognito posing together

Mia shared the update while her new boyfriend, Incognito, watched from the audience. datboyinc/Instagram

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The Bravolebrity recently revealed on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast that Gordon gets along well with her new boyfriend, adding that the three of them even go on “triple dates.”

“It’s going well! We brought in the New Year’s together with all the kids, and it was a beautiful thing,” she explained.

Mia added that she wants to continue being a “supermom” and have “happy kids” by having each of their parents respect each other on social media and Instagram.

Mia Thornton smiling at Page Six

The Bravolebrity recently stopped by Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast where she spilled that Gordon is on good terms with Incognito. Brian Zak/NY Post

Mia Thornton and Gordon Thornton posing with their kids

“I don’t keep the kids away from Gordon. I do want him to be a huge part of their lives,” she told us. mrsmiathornton/Instagram

“It’s going well. It is now, and hopefully it stays that way,” she shared. “I don’t keep the kids away from Gordon. I do want him to be a huge part of their lives. I do want him to remain the kids’ hero.”

Mia also told us that her kids “love” her new man.

“You guys think I have a big personality? Oh my God!” she joked. “The room is full, and he’s really funny. The kids love him, and he’s young and fine, and he wants to do all of the go-karting and going to theme parks, and you know, he’s fun.”

Mia Thornton and Incognito sitting together

Mia previously shared that her kids “love” her radio personality beau. WireImage

Mia Thornton hugging Incognito

She also boasted about Incognito being “young and fine.” Instagram/mrsmiathornton

Shortly after Mia’s sit-down interview with Page Six, Bravo released the explosive trailer for the “RHOP” reunion, in which she addressed Incognito questioning the paternity of her young son.

“Gordon alleged that Jeremiah may not be his son. Does Inc think Jeremiah is his son?” Cohen asked Mia in the teaser, with her nodding her head and replying, “He does.”

Mia and Gordon announced in September 2023 that they were getting a divorce after 11 years of marriage. She has since shared some insight into what went down.

Mia Thornton sitting at the "RHOP" reunion

Shortly after Mia stopped by Page Six, the bombshell “RHOP” reunion trailer dropped. Clifton Prescod/Bravo

Incognito posing with Mia Thornton

She revealed that Incognito believes he is the father of her and Gordon’s son, Jeremiah. WireImage

“I did realize that after I married Gordon that I wasn’t quite sure if he was the man that I wanted to marry,” she said during her appearance on ”WWHL” Sunday.

“He wanted to have threesomes, he wanted another lady in our marriage, and I just realized that I was like, ‘I’m not sure if this is something that I want forever.’”

A selfie of Mia Thornton and Gordon Thornton

The duo announced their separation in September 2023. Mia Thornton/Instagram

Mia Thornton and Gordon Thornton holding hands

Mia admitted to Page Six that she had a “breaking point” in their marriage. mrsmiathornton/Instagram

Mia also admitted to Page Six that she had a “breaking point” in their marriage after Gordon told TMZ that his now-ex was allowed to sleep with other men to “satisfy” her needs.

“And I said, ‘OK, this is not what we’re doing.’ And I filed. Yeah, I did because I’m like, ‘Let’s go ahead and get this clock rolling,’” she spilled last week. “I just don’t want to be a part of it.”

“The Real Housewives of Potomac” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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