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‘Mic’d Up’ Gary Payton II Coins Stephen Curry’s Newest Nickname Ahead of Game Against Hornets

After missing the last game due to illness, Gary Payton II is finally back in the lineup for the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors host the Charlotte Hornets as they continue their three-game homestand. GP II was mic’d up for the matchup against the Hornets and fans got a few gems before the game even started. And judging by his remarks, we may have gotten a new nickname for Stephen Curry.

The Golden State Warriors were warming up to face off against the Hornets and Gary Payton II seemed a little more jubilant than usual. Hoping around, messing with his teammates, GP II made his way to Stephen Curry.

While standing next to Steph, Payton saw Curry’s grey hair and trolled him a bit over it. Amused by his comments, Steph could not help but laugh as GP II told him to get rid of it. And in the process, he also gave fans a new nickname for The Chef.

“Look, I can see the…I see the grey’s coming. Look. You gotta let it go, you gotta let the greys go. Still, what is that? Silver Fox? Oh my goodness, Silver Fox.”

Stephen Curry already has a few nicknames the league knows him by. The Baby-Faced Assassin and Chef Curry are just two of the most used nicknames when addressing the Golden State Warriors star guard.

Stephen Curry often gets referred to as just Steph while ‘The Golden Boy’ isn’t as popular but is still one of his nicknames. Now Gary Payton II went on to add Silver Fox to the mix and by the ring of it, it does suit the four-time NBA champion.

It would be interesting to see if ‘Silver Fox’ does catch on and becomes another moniker for arguably the greatest shooter to ever play the game.

Where did Stephen Curry’s nicknames originate from?

Stephen Curry may not have a plethora of nicknames as Shaquille O’Neal does. But having three to four names he is referred to is more than enough for players, given how they’d usually just have one to two back in the day.

Stephen Curry’s Baby-Faced Assassin moniker originated long before he came into the league. As opposed to how his young looks may have coined that name for him, it was during his middle school days when he got that title.

As for the nickname Chef Curry, the Warriors star guard got that name from Drake’s ‘0-100/The Catch-Up’ song. One of Drake’s lines in the song, “Been cookin’ with the sauce, Chef Curry with the pot,” made his name popular.

One of Stephen Curry’s less popular names is The Human Torch, based on how he torches his opponents on the floor. However, fans have referred to the sharpshooter more by his first two nicknames over the years. And by the time he retires from the league, Chef Curry will be the main moniker the Warriors guard will be known as in the years to come.


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