Mіcһаel Jordаn Smeаr Cаmpаіgn: LeBron Jаmes Hіlаrіously Blаmed For “Plumbers аnd Fіremen” Rһetorіc by Comedіаn - Apkcombat

Mіcһаel Jordаn Smeаr Cаmpаіgn: LeBron Jаmes Hіlаrіously Blаmed For “Plumbers аnd Fіremen” Rһetorіc by Comedіаn

The legends of past vs modern day NBA players debate has lasted for quite sometime now. And one of the most consistent comparisons in the debate has been between Michael Jordan and LeBron James. But some believe that there has been a planned degradation of the level of the basketball played in pre 2000s era. In fact, some even believe that the whole thing is a smear campaign by modern day fans against Jordan to bring down his legacy. And stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz, on a humorous note, blamed the player in comparison, LeBron, for funding this campaign.

JJ Redick was recently on a podcast episode of ‘FLAGRANT’. The discussion emerged after Redick asked Schulz if he knew of the recent ‘I’m done with the 90s’ trend’. “I hate this. Who’s paying for this? This is your podcast co-host,” the stand-up comedian replied. This was a shot, in good humor, at LeBron James. Notably, the King runs a podcast along with JJ Redick called ‘Mind The Game.’

The discussion further led to Schulz emphasizing that this whole thing is a smear campaign against Mike. He mentioned how people are trashing the 90s basketball as if people have not seen what it actually was. Schulz raised the question of if Redick believed the 90s basketball to be trash. “No,” he replied. The podcast also witnessed discussion of claims of Michael Jordan having no left hand. And it was stated how it was later broken down that Mike goes to the left just as much as he goes to the right.

Andrew Schulz furthered his point of the whole thing being a smear campaign with these claims. However, JJ Redick reserved himself from commenting on the issue as he recollected how he was misinterpreted for his ‘plumbers and firemen’ statement for the earlier generation of players.

JJ Redick clears the air around his ‘plumbers and firemen’ statement

Redick mentioned how since he called some of the past generation players plumbers and firemen, he had earned a reputation of wanting to destroy the older generation. However, the ex-NBA player emphasized that whatever he said was based on facts. Redick stated that he was specifically talking about the players that Bob Cousy played against in the 1950s.

“In the 1950s, nearly every professional athlete in every sport… every professional athlete, not every but most professional athletes had a summer job. They didn’t train year round like we did. They literally were plumbers and firemen and welders and farmers,” JJ Redick stated.

However, podcast co-host Akaash Singh stated this implicates that the players back then were less athletic and less good. “But that’s just a matter of what they got paid… They weren’t like, hey, I want to be a plumber, and I’ll play basketball on the side… Like, they’re very good basketball players who had to make ends meet, as was Bob Cousy,” he stated.

Reddick re-emphasized how consistent he has been on this whole issue, but still people think he trashes prior generation. What is your take on the entire issue? Do you think the past generation players were less effective because of their additional job? Let us know your views in the comments.

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