Michail Antonio shares what he’s heard is the real reason Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool

Michail Antonio has been speaking about why Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool and what he has heard is the real reason for it.

There has been a lot of speculation since Jurgen Klopp made his announcement that he will be leaving Liverpool. Speculation is rife with all sorts of things. From who the new manager will be to who Liverpool will appoint as the club’s new sporting director.

Naturally, even though Klopp has given his reasons as to why he wants to leave – there has also been speculations about ulterior motives. It’s only natural for rival fans to go into conspiracy theory territories. We as humans, always like to look below the surface.

However, when it comes to Klopp – he has always been honest. Integrity is one of his best traits. And so you have to take his reasons behind leaving at face value. Michail Antonio’s latest comments seem to testify to that as well.

Michail Antonio shares what he's heard is the real reason Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool

Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

What Michail Antonio has heard about Jurgen Klopp

Speaking on The Players Channel Michail Antonio has revealed he had information that Klopp was considering leaving the club even before this season. And then explained what he has heard is the reason why the Liverpool boss has made his decision.

“To be fair, I heard in the grapevine last season he was thinking about leaving,” Antonio said. “But after what they did last year and what they are doing this year, I was very surprised to be fair that he has announced he is going. What I heard, and it might not be true, is that his family just want to go back home to be fair. That’s what the rumours were.”

To be honest, we can see why Antonio’s information may be correct. Klopp has said he just wants to live a normal life, and he has recently become a grandfather as well. Clearly, he just wants to spend more time with his family – something that is basically impossible if you’re the manager of Liverpool Football Club.

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